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Prepare the body for the summer! Myostimulation + vacuum radiolift with a 30% discount!

Miostimulation in Mei SPA-Studio

Myostimulation of the body is a magic wand, with which it is easy to find the ideal figure.

The procedure corrects the shape and reduces body volume. In one session, several zones can be affected simultaneously.

Vacuum radiolifting is a combination of the two most effective techniques for tightening the skin and fighting cellulite. Vacuum stimulates drainage processes in the subcutaneous layer, activates blood circulation and improves nutrition (trophism) of the skin. Multipolar radiolifting - activates the production of young collagen and ellastin, which leads to structural and deep rejuvenation. The effect of smoothing and braces is many times faster and more stable.

Thanks to vacuum radiolift you get:

- improvement of blood circulation and skin tone
- increase of skin elasticity
- modeling and tightening of the abdomen
- treatment of cellulite
- reduction of adipose tissue
- modeling of the contours of the body

Combining these two techniques into a single complex, you will prepare your figure in the shortest time for the beach season!

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In SPA-Studio Mei only from 01 to 31 May 2018 get Myostimulation + vacuum radiolift with 30% discount! You save 174 UAH. on each procedure!

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