Special offer

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lose weight in Mei SPA-Studio

The beach season is already in full swing. And it is for those girls who want to look perfect in light dresses and swimsuits, we make a special offer.

Come to SPA-Studio "MAY" and get a slim figure for the beach season!
Any miracles are possible with May!
Since July 1, we started a campaign for fat burning injections - a 20% discount. You will receive real savings and excellent result of slimness in 3 procedures.
In just 3 treatments, the powerful V Line-A fat burning cocktail will reduce your waist by 8cm!
For our dear customers, we have found a way to make your body beautiful!

In SPA-Studio Mei only from 01 to 31 July 2019 we have found a way to make your body beautiful with a 20% discount!

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