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Do you want to have smooth, slender, sparkling legs?

lazer hair removal in Mei SPA-Studio

Come to SPA-Studio MEI for IPL + RF hair removal (E-Light hair removal) and you get guaranteed perfect skin without side effects!

The uniqueness of IPL + RF hair removal is in its painlessness and complete contactlessness, since it does not have any mechanical effect on the skin. Only pulsed intense light (IPL) and radio frequency (RF). Our cosmetologist selects the pulse spectrum and power of impact suitable for your skin type, thickness and hair color (unlike a laser beam that always has one wavelength). It destroys the hair bulb to the very bottom, regardless of the depth of its bedding. If we talk about the benefits of IPL + RF hair removal, it is primarily to maintain the integrity of the skin during and after the procedure. And also the complete exclusion of burns..

In SPA-Studio Mei only from 01 to 31 September 2017 IPL + RF hair removal with the purchase of 2 procedures 3rd procedure for FREE!

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