Modern style of life leads as a result to easing of protective forces of an organism, increase in weight of a body, deterioration of a condition of a skin, a hair fall, hypererethism, irritability, infringement of a dream and chronic weariness. If not to use released time and not to distract from daily efforts, to think over global strategy of preservation of balance "yin" and «yan», a little that will change. It is necessary to take breath, then it is possible to feel enthusiasm of forces, to think of new plans.



With that end in view also salon SPA studio «MEI» in which the client feels long-awaited, unique and unique has been created. All attention of the personnel is concentrated to it, and dreams are executed here and now. Procedures are directed on a relaxation and a rejuvenation, preservation of harmony of soul and a body.


Our salon specializes on anti-cellulite programs which reduce volume, correct figure contours. We have a wide experience in a combination and use of anti-cellulite means and the technician, and our experts have a work wide experience in esthetic cosmetology. Since various kinds of wrappings, connecting fitness wrappings which are successfully combined with a gym, we will help you to reduce volumes of your body from three centimeters and more.


In our salon you receive answers to all your questions concerning carrying out and nuances of anti-cellulite programs, it is enough to call only to us and to register in reception.

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