Eyelash extensions


How fair eyelashes advertising beauties - long, thick, fluffy! A stunning effect - but it was not achieved by the use of the advertised mascara, and using a completely different procedure. Accrued eyelashes - is not only beautiful, but also practical: no need to buy ink, spend time on the imposition and removal, and the paint will not flow, if you swim in the sea or under the rain will fall.


Eyelash Extensions Technology


There are 2 technology eyelash extensions - traditional build beams and Japanese eyelash.


In the traditional eyelash exstension to the base of your lashes are attached artificial eyelashes, gathered in small bundles of 3-5 pieces. The beams, depending on your wishes, can be completely different in length and density; perhaps even eyelashes with rhinestones. But to maintain the resulting effect in two weeks will have to return to a beauty salon to correct fallen eyelash extensions.


When Japanese eyelash extension Krivoy Rog artificial eyelashes are attached to the base of your lashes are not bunches and individually, to each other. Japanese traditional build more durable: extended eyelashes stick up to 3 months, and despite the fact that a correction should be carried out only about once a month.


Much of the difference is due to the fact that, together with the native cilium fall and accrued beam (the traditional building) or one eyelash extensions (with the Japanese method). Naturally, the loss of eyelashes once the beam becomes more noticeable that requires more frequent adjustment.

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