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SPA-Studio «MEI» offers a wide range of laser cosmetology methods: laser hair removal, removal of vascular skin diseases (filamentous and varicose veins), scar correction, removal of tattoo pigment, laser resurfacing, acne treatment, fotoradiofrequency skin rejuvenation (IPL+RF rejuvenation), removal hyperpigmentation of the skin, laser treatment of nail fungus - this is not a complete list of our opportunities in cosmetology.

In our spa we combine the latest trends with effective cosmetic laser's Skin and anti-aging programs, to satisfy all your needs in the care and maintenance. During the consultation we Beautician discuss with you the best combination of the necessary procedures. This allows you to get maximum results, having spent a minimum of time and effort.

Today, laser cosmetology is the industry leader. It is an extremely dynamic development in recent decades. This rapid growth gives rise to a lot of information and technological innovations. This is why we employ only experienced beauticians who have undergone special training in laser cosmetology. We provide for your on the most complete and comprehensive information.

- IPL+RF hair removal

- IPL+RF rejuvenation

- Laser acne removal

- Laser tattoo removal

- Laser carbon peeling

- Fractional laser skin rejuvenation

- ELOS facelift

- Elimination of pigmentation

- Vascular defects

- Laser stretch mark removal

- Laser removal of nail fungus

- Laser removal of scars

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