Vacuum Massage


It is known that in ancient China for the treatment of many diseases have used hollow thin sticks of clay or bamboo. Healers created them negative pressure applied to the body of the patient. The skin is pulled into these sticks, thus arose the blood flow to the affected organ. Ancient Chinese doctors rightly believed that the diseased organ can be cured by a good circulation. Currently, this procedure is called a vacuum massage.

In place of the sticks came good to see banks in which the vacuum is created. When the vacuum massage increases the metabolic rate, improves blood circulation, tissue is better supplied with oxygen. In addition, under the influence of the vacuum massage body retrieved toxic substances and waste products.

Vacuum massage is performed with the help of special devices, due to their exposure adjusted lymph, cleans, eliminates puffiness, broken subcutaneous fat formation. Vacuum massage performed by various hardware nozzles, pressure level and intensity can be adjusted. The nozzle sucks up the skin gently, massage therapist performs with circular movements, pressing gently on the skin and rolling it in the desired direction.

With the help of the device for vacuum massage can be conducted face massage. The treatment begins with stimulation of the lymph nodes above the collarbone, then treated the neck and gradually transferred to the person. The massage length is 5-10 minutes. A session of this massage helps to strengthen the production of elastin and collagen, improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. The appearance of the facial skin is significantly improved, the skin look young, supple and fresh. In order to achieve greater effect, the vacuum face massage can be combined with other cosmetic procedures.

Vacuum massage actively used to combat cellulite in the buttocks, the thighs on the rear surface, in the zone "breeches." Using the apparatus large fat formation quickly and painlessly destroyed, lymph flow is adjusted, thereby cleans and eliminates puffiness. In combination with other treatments vacuum massage helps to eliminate orange peel effect, restores the elasticity of the skin and even helps to reduce stretch marks on the skin. Vacuum massage can be performed on the entire body, which allows you to simulate and correct the figure.

Vacuum massage provides not only beauty, but also a therapeutic effect. Thus, when the vacuum massage spine removed back pain, relief comes with osteochondrosis. Vacuum massage is used to treat hypertension, angina, gynecological disorders, vascular dystonia, headaches and insomnia.

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