Teeth Whitening BEYOND

You will often notice that the tooth enamel becomes yellow tint?

You are ashamed to smile?

You lose confidence in yourself?


In today's world, where healthy white teeth are a symbol of high social status, prosperity and sexuality, these defects generate in the human fears and complexes.

What's really going on?

Our teeth are continually exposed to a variety of dyes contained in the food, beverages, medicines, tobacco and cosmetics. As a result, our teeth change color. Dyes can be deposited on the surface (external staining), or to penetrate the hard tooth tissues (internal staining).

Often cause staining of teeth is taking certain medications in early childhood, which leads to the formation of sustainable change in color of the teeth (for example, the so-called tetracycline teeth). Often the cause of discoloration is the trauma the tooth or endodontic treatment (root canal treatment), as well as violation of the formation and maturation of teeth.

How to whiten your teeth?

The outer, surface stains can be removed by a professional hygienic cleaning. But to eliminate the need to use the internal discoloration of teeth whitening techniques.

Contemporary American technique teeth whitening BEYOND allows you to safely whiten your teeth and get a guaranteed excellent result.

This system has a number of significant advantages:

1. Designed with safety in mind, the BEYOND system uses a specially designed halogen lamp (150 W) for the emission of powerful rays with a wavelength of 480 to 520 nanometers through over 12,000 optical fibers and filtering lens. Harmful ultraviolet (UV) and infrared light is completely filtered out, leaving only the intensity, the direction the cold light, which penetrates deeply, activates the whitening gel formula BEYOND II.

2. Because the bleaching gel BEYOND II comprises 35% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), silica particles (SiO2), the size of 20 nanometers, and other specific ingredients, considerable effect is achieved deep inside the tooth whitening and white to ensure a shiny surface.

3. Efficiency desk teeth whitening BEYOND confirmed more than a dozen clinical trials conducted between 2002 and 2013.

4. Convenient 30-minute procedure makes the teeth 5 to 8 shades lighter, with an average improvement of color more than 8 shade.

During the procedure we only use individual disposable sterile instruments.

Keep in mind that white teeth - decoration of each girl. In any event, whether it be a business meeting, banquet, wedding or first date, your smile is very impressive and eye-catching. You can look in the mirror with pleasure, without complexes and boldly smiling handsome strangers of the opposite sex.

The results of teeth whitening here.

Treatment price is 2200 UHA.

Consultation is free of charge!

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