Manual Massage


Massage as a therapeutic agent was already known in antiquity. Many of us at least once in their lives had to deal with the term "massage" - whether advertising chudotrenazhera , list of services therapeutic massage establishment or on the recommendation of a physician. Concept of massage comes from the Latin word massa - sticking to your fingers . Literally, the word "massage" is translated as " to knead , rub ." List of types of massage impressive: medical massage , beauty , children , sports , cellulite ... - and that's not all ! Massage can be shared - when the whole body massage , or local - depending on your problem.

Massage Techniques - very different, but most of all - manual massage in Krivoy Rog and mechanical massage. Massage therapist can combine these methods - the manual massage it can feel what's going on with your body, how the fabric, and the use of devices gives such an effect , which is impossible with manual massaging . Massage has a variety of physiological effects on the body. Subjective feelings during and after the massage, the correct choice of massage techniques and methods of their use, dosage expressed in the appearance of pleasant heat sensation throughout the body, improving health and enhancing the overall tone.


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