Derma OXY face skin mesotherapy

Caring for Your face without injections, without pain and contraindications.

This is the latest technology, which is based on the use of breathing apparatus and air flow, with the use of serum, which inhibit the appearance of facial wrinkles, and restore, moisturize and softening to the skin.

Special complex of peptides blocks the ability of muscles to contract, which leads to reduction of wrinkles (like Botox), fatty acids increase elasticity, stimulate collagen production. Hyaluronic acid provides instant hydration to Your skin.

Duration of non-invasive mesotherapy treatments — 20–30 minutes. Cocktail active drugs applied directly to the skin, and then is processed by a special machine Derma Oxy.

Useful substances freely penetrate the skin to a depth of 1–2 mm, where they form the stock of active components.

Derma Oxy – is the most beautiful way to care for skin and hair!

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In some cases, it is necessary to conduct treatments oxygen facial mesotherapy:

the loss of elasticity;
- lack of oxygen;
- fine lines and wrinkles.
- dry, dehydrated skin.

as a result of the procedure You will:

- restore the elasticity and firmness of the skin ;
- deeply moisturize the skin;
- smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.
- improves microcirculation, promotes cell oxygenation;
- strengthens the protective barrier of Your skin.
- saturate with oxygen intercellular lymph, connective tissue and the basal layer of the skin.

Active course: 2 to 6 treatments-1 per week. This course provides a long-term lifting effect, slows down aging and prolong youthfulness of your skin at least for half a year!
intensive prophylaxis: 1 – 2 times per month.

a Pleasant 20-minute procedure normalizes and revitalizes Your skin, restores its freshness and youthfulness.

Price for non-injection mesotherapy Derma OXY

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