E-Light hair removal

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Smooth, slender and gleaming legs? Who of us, ladies, never dreamt about them, experiencing the torments of hell, from hair removal, irritated skin, ingrown hairs...

Every girl there are times when get rid of unwanted hair with a razor is no longer possible. Razor — it's great — just five minutes and you come out of the bathroom goddess with silk skin. But the next day the skin there stinging hairs.

In addition, after any hair removal — shaver, wax or epilator — the skin is not immune from vrastani. It needs regular exfoliation. After hair removal you need to use scrubs and peels for the body as often as possible. At such moments especially often think about the alternative.

How to make sure your perfect skin with no side effects?

There is a solution – it IPL+RF hair removal (E-Light hair removal).

The uniqueness of IPL+RF hair removal — it is painless and full of beskonechnosti, since no mechanical impact on the skin when it is not. Only intense pulsed light (IPL) and radiofrequency exposure (RF). Our beautician selects the range of the momentum and power of influence are appropriate for Your skin type, thickness and color of hair (unlike the laser beam, which is always one wavelength). It destroys the hair follicle right down to the bottom, regardless of the depth of its occurrence. If we talk about the advantages of IPL+RFepilation, it is first and foremost the preservation of the integrity of the skin during and after the procedure. As well as the complete exclusion of burns.

What is the IPL+RF hair removal

Photoradiation hair removal is a combined effect of IPL and RF.

Statistics IPL+RF hair removal in the United States showed that patient satisfactionwith this form of hair removal is up to 85%— according to research Lasers in Surgery and Medicine 34:91-97, 2004.

Technology IPL+RF hair removal much more efficient and comfortable compared to other types of hair removal, because it is not IPL and not laser hair removal, and a combination of two types of energies.
MEI SPA Studio IPL RF epiliatsia 1 This joint action allows the most effectively destroy the structure of the hair, stopping its growth.

Today IPL+RF hair removal is globally recognized as one of the safest methods of hair removal.

IPL+RF hair removal combines all the advantages of existing technology — hair removal, laser hair removal, electrolysis, combining electrical and optical energies.During the procedure, the hair follicle is destroyed under the simultaneous action of high energy light pulse and current.

The advantages of the technology of IPL+RF hair removal over other methods of hair removal:

- the procedure is quick and comfortable tolerated by any skin type;

- risk of burns and depigmentation minimized;

- you can remove and blonde hair (e.g., vellus hair on the upper lip).

IPL+RF hair removal is significantly different from hair removal and laser hair removal:

- Using IPL+RF epilation it is possible to remove any type of hair, while the IPL does not destroy gray and white hair.

- When illuminated, as a rule, the hair follicle does not die and after 1.5 – 2 years, hair begins to grow from the same follicle.

- When IPL+RF hair removal , the follicle is completely destroyed, and after the full course of treatment the possibility of hair growth in the treated area are reduced to a minimum.

- With the help of laser hair removal also achieved good results on dark hair, but the removal process is more painful and has more side effects.

Our hair is in three different phases: active phase, transitional phase, the phase of sleep. For successful hair removal, they should be in the active phase. Therefore, it is necessary to undergo a course of waxing of 3-6 treatments at intervals of 6-8 weeks.The interval between treatments is necessary in order to allow the hair time to "Wake up" and grow.

Intervals are time-dependent maturation of follicles, hair color and skin type, the presence and absence of sunburn, hair thickness, to the same in different parts of the body hair growth periods are different. Based on these data and average statistics, beautician predicts the number of procedures and the interval for You.

Choosing our salon SPA-studio "Mei", without pain and side effects You are guaranteed to get rid of unwanted hair.

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