Fractional facial rejuvenation on a CO2 laser

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First signs of the passing of time become visible on the skin. We also notice changes in the neck and neck, but often fight with them on the face of it.

the Skin begins to age after 20 years of age! It at such a young age starts to decrease the level of hormones that is responsible in particular for cell

regeneration. However, the main culprits of premature aging are free radicals-destructive molecules produced under the influence of UV rays, cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes and stress. They are sources of damage in the structure of proteins and lipids as well as collagen and elastin fibers. The original damage is almost not noticeable, because the skin is updated regularly – 4 weeks, new cells replace the old. But over time the duration of the regeneration cycle is more and more increasing.

One of the first signs of skin ageing is its dryness – in the Wake of this reduced elasticity and fine wrinkles appear just around the eyes and lips. The skin

becomes thinner, but the keratin layer of the epidermis becomes thicker and sarsawa. Disorders is the secretion of melanin and age spots appear, change the circulation of the blood, which leads to capillary fragility. Fibers of elastin and collagen degrade and atrophy, thereby destroyed the supporting framework of the skin, it becomes flabby and saggy. Attenuates the activity of sweat and sebaceous glands, and it aggravates dryness of the skin and causes the appearance of deep wrinkles.

How to escape from wrinkles?

In accordance with the principle of ‘better to prevent than to cure”, is to counteract aging of the skin when it is young and elastic. Therefore, it is important the application of health treatments, massages, nourishing creams with a high SPF, supplements with hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10 and collagen, vitamins.

But what to do when the wrinkles have already appeared?

In this case the ideal solution is fractional laser rejuvenation of face ( Krivoy Rog ) is a method of combating signs of aging, acting on the deeper layers of

the skin.

What is a fractional rejuvenation of the face?

to smooth the skin of the face or neckline using a laser beam is possible due to the ability of our tissues to regenerate. 

Fractional laser ( or CO2 laser ) is aimed at creating a a tiny damage inside the skin and/or epidermis based on existing cosmetic defects of the skin. Natural protection of Your body includes reparative processes in the skin. Runs a number of processes aimed at restructuring the fibres of collagen and elastin in the skin, leading to skin regeneration, lifting, improve texture and healthier-looking skin.

Fractional laser ( CO2 laser ) owes its name to the English word fractional, that is partial because it does not cover the whole area of the skin, only the set of points within it.

fractional laser Light penetrates deep into the skin and is absorbed contained in the cells of water. The reaction photothermolysis is an instantaneous heating of water in the tissues, and then its vaporization, i.e., ablation, and heat generation, which damages cells, including collagen cells. These pinholes penetrating the different layers of skin are in close proximity to healthy tissue. They start the natural process of regeneration, which is, in particular, to mobilize the production of collagen and elastin, which affects the density and elasticity of the newly formed skin.

Indications for fractional laser face rejuvenation

This procedure is necessary if You want to:

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- to get rid of wrinkles and sagging skin

- to remove wrinkles around the eyes, and “bags” under the eyes
- to do face lifting

- to smooth and rejuvenate the skin, improve its firmness and elasticity
- eliminate enlarged pores, acne
- to remove stretch marks
- remove scars, acne marks and scars of different origin
- remove small, extensive vascular changes
- remove spots, melasma
- to smooth the skin
- remove the bumps, roughness and coarse skin

Advantages of fractional face rejuvenation

no age restrictions
- long lasting (lasts for 3 years)
- an alternative to surgery.
- can be carried out on any part of the face and body
- quick recovery, no complications and risk of infection
without the pain

How is the procedure of fractional face rejuvenation

Huge plus of this procedure — painless. During the procedure the skin surface is cooled with cold air stream. In addition, the esthetician may apply a surface anesthetic. And during the session You feel only a slight tingling.
At the end of the procedure, the therapist will lubricate the skin with special sunscreen and advise You on further skin care products.

Immediately after the procedure your skin requires additional care. Return to the usual rhythm of life is of the order of weeks, whereas surgery requires months of hard rehabilitation. Usually there is swelling in the first two days, after which (2 - 4 hours) the skin will turn red and the later (4 to 7 days) dead cells will begin to move away, she peels off, making room for the young, beautiful, healthy skin.

In the course of one procedure, damage 15 - 20 % of the surface of the skin, so for maximum effect it is necessary to perform 3 to 5 sessions to complete the update of Your skin for new (in this case, the reconstructed collagen will be the most durable).

After the procedure, you must first act in accordance with the instructions of the beautician. Typically, the first 4 days, you must apply a soothing and anti-inflammatory cream. In two weeks, do not visit Solarium, swimming pool, sauna or bath. Be sure to use cream with high SPF filters (minimum SPF 30) and avoid direct sun exposure, at least within three months since the last procedure.

Contraindications for fractional laser face rejuvenation
- disease
- diabetes
- psoriasis
- herpes, especially in the acute stage.
- diseases of the blood
- pregnancy and lactation
- recent surgery, skin lesions
- cancer
- the tendency to form keloids

Fractional face rejuvenation reviews Kryvyi Rih

in order to see real results of the procedure, we brought a photo of the patient before and after fractional rejuvenation. The photo on the right was done a month after the third treatment (so the effect is not final and will grow).

Mei SPA Studio fractional laser rejuvenation 3

Was received obvious effect of face lifting the patient looks more plump and younger by a few years:

– the skin is rejuvenated, becomes silky, smooth and elastic
– much aligned deep wrinkles, nasolabial folds
– smoothes wrinkles in the eye area
– can be seen a significant improvement in the area of the corners of the mouth and sideburns.
– reduced pores (visible at high magnification)

Summarizing all the above, we can safely say that this method makes a deep lifting of Your skin, removes wrinkles, even deep and also rejuvenates Your skin for five to ten years. All of this happens without pain and the surgeon's knife.

the cost of the procedure can be found by clicking the link:

Price of Fractional laser rejuvenation

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