IPL+Rf Skin rejuvenation

IPL+Rf Skin rejuvenation

Do you want to look young, have a perfect skin tightened face and silky skin of the body?

The aging of the skin, and especially the aging of the skin of the face is due to quite different factors. And the main factor here is not age, as many people think. First of all, this is the condition of the entire body, which clearly reflects our skin. The second important factor, in consequence of which the skin is aging, is the abuse of sun baths. Environmental contamination and hereditary factors also play an important role.

Of course, we want to delay and slow down the aging process. With age, the epidermis thinens, the skin loses moisture, becomes covered with wrinkles and folds, and collagen fibers lose elasticity. But not everyone can manage the right way of life and there comes a time when you want to regain youth and freshness of the skin, and first of all skin of the face.

Which of the methods of rejuvenation is most effective?

Until recently, this question could not be answered unambiguously. Superiority in such a case as facial rejuvenation, challenged various technologies, such as plastic surgery, photorejuvenation, laser rejuvenation in the form of skin resurfacing.

Today, we are pleased to offer you E-Light skin rejuvenation (IPL+RF skin rejuvenation) - a new technology that combines simultaneous action of optical energy (IPL) and radio frequency exposure (RF).

IPL+RF technology has a deeper effect on the skin than laser or photorejuvenation, it stimulates the development of its own skin elastin complex and collagen synthesis, which is called "the keeper of beauty and youth".

E-Light skin rejuvenation (IPL + RF skin rejuvenation) is effectively applied for:

- smoothing wrinkles;
- lifting (lifting) the skin;
- rejuvenation of the skin of the face, chest, hands and even the stomach and buttocks;
- elimination of pigmentation;
- elimination of vascular defects (asterisks, mesh) and redness of the face;
- improvement of complexion
- narrowing of the pores
- treating acne and eliminating traces of acne and acne
- getting rid of stretch marks and flabbiness of the skin.

According to a statistical study improving the indicators of the medical school of Cornell University (USA), the total satisfaction of patients from the results of the course of procedures (5 procedures with an interval of 3 weeks) is 92%.

This high efficiency of this technology is due to its significant advantages over other methods of skin rejuvenation:

- the highest and most perfect effect
- 100% security guarantee
- Absence of discomfort during the procedure
- complete absence of painful sensations
- Absence of rehabilitation period.

Depending on skin condition, several IPL + RF-rejuvenation sessions may be required - 4-6 every 3-4 weeks. More detailed information can be found during an individual consultation with our cosmetologist.

What are the contraindications?

- allergic reactions to light or sun
- diabetes
- herpes
- oncological diseases
- skin diseases in the acute stage
- intensive tanning
- the presence of defibrillators (pacemakers)
- long-term use of drugs that increase the sensitivity of the skin to light
- pregnancy

The whole procedure takes 1-2 hours, after which you can immediately go home. No redness and irritation! It's hard to believe, but you can immediately appreciate the positive result: the skin will be tightened and elastic, there will be no trace of age and facial wrinkles, will get a fresh, healthy color. Be sure that everyone around you will notice that you look much younger!

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IPL+RF skin rejuvenation treatment price

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