How to get rid of stretch marks: laser removed

Stretch marks or striae – a problem familiar to many men and women. This is an important aesthetic issue, especially in the summer when we all want to show their body. Stretch marks can appear at any age, but particularly acutely worried about their appearance young people. Stretch marks occur in approximately 70% of girls and 40% boys in puberty and almost 90% of pregnant women.

Where are the stretch marks?

In its essence, stretch marks represent damage in the deeper layers of the skin, manifested in the form of unsightly white or red stripes. They often appear on the abdomen, Breasts, thighs and buttocks, and shoulder girdle and back. These defects arise due to the rupture of collagen fibers and elastin. This occurs when the skin in a short time subjected to too much strain. For example, in pregnant women, overweight people, body builders (or abusers of exercises in the gym), as well as young people in a period of very rapid growth. The second cause of stretch marks is a weakening of the fibers as a result of hormonal disorders (mainly due to excessive production of cortisol and estrogen). Most often stretch marks occur when connecting both reasons. The appearance of stretch marks usually asymptomatic but can be accompanied by mild itching, less burning and pain. The tendency to stretch marks, unfortunately is hereditary.

How to get rid of stretch marks?

today, the stretch mark removal laser is the most effective way of dealing with striae. The effectiveness of the procedure is directly dependent on the stage of formation of stretch marks and it is better to respond immediately when they appear. In this case, you can get rid of stretch marks completely and in a shorter time. In cases where the stretch marks are accompanied by loose, sagging skin after fractional laser stretch marks removal it is recommended that the procedure radiolifting (RF-lifting).

what is the procedure of laser removal of stretch marks?

Fractional laser raises a number of deep pinholes reaching the dermis, which triggers the skin's natural regeneration processes. This enables a new, healthy tissue,  is the production of collagen and elastin in stretch marks, what causes them reducing compaction and improving skin tone. The procedure is virtually painless, but for very sensitive patients, we proposed the application of a local anesthetic.

an Additional advantage of fractional laser removal of stretch marks ( Krivoy Rog ) is the lack of extensive damage to the stratum corneum. Between the damaged areas remains healthy skin and healing takes place quickly and the risk of infection is minimized. Used in SPA-Studio “Mae” fractional CO2 laser guarantees complete safety and maximum effect of removing stretch marks.

Actions before the procedure of laser removal of stretch marks

As before the procedure, laser fractional rejuvenation, You should not sunbathe for 4 weeks prior to procedure, perform peels at least a week prior to the removal of stretch marks, not to drink alcohol the day of the procedure, wash off all cosmetics from the skin.
do Not use soap, tonics based on alcohol, should not be peeling, it is not necessary to wipe the places where procedures were performed with a towel or sponge should not irritate the skin in the area of the procedure.

After the procedure of laser removal of stretch marks

After the procedure is not recommended:
- use a sauna or hot bath for about 14 days
- tanning within 4 weeks
- avoid using cosmetics, Soaps, tonics based on alcohol.

Laser stretch mark removal treatments

with just one treatment, You will notice the effect a significant improvement in skin appearance. After healing, which usually lasts a couple of weeks, stretch marks become less noticeable and skin condition will improve.  And after only 3-4 treatments to notice them is almost impossible.


the procedure Cost of laser removal of stretch marks can be viewed here.


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Laser removal of stretch marks before and after photos

Below we have resulted results of removal of stretch marks by the laser. As you can see, thanks to this amazing method you get rid of stretch marks on any part of the body!

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