Compositional body analysis (bioimpedance analysis of the body)

Our body consists of water, proteins, minerals and fatty tissue, the sum of which is its mass.

The process of weight loss is based on a complex set of physiological reactions. It is necessary not only to burn the existing fat, but also to prevent the formation of its new reserves. When you use a conventional scale, it's hard to say what causes weight loss. This may not be a reduction in body fat, but a loss of water.

Similarly, the balance of the main components of our body is an important condition for excellent health, good working capacity and health in general.

With the development of modern technology, to know the exact composition of your body, you can avoid complex analyzes and research. It is only necessary to use a special device - the analyzer of the composition of the body (bioimpedansometer). Compositional analysis of the body (bioimpedance analysis of the body) in just 5-10 minutes scans the entire body, and after computer processing of the data obtained, the nutritionist will receive an opinion on the composition of the body.

Having made the Composition analysis of the body composition (bioimpedance analysis of the body) you will learn:

- Your body weight is ideal for your health. The amount of fat in kilograms and percent (PBF).
- The total amount of fluid in the body (TBW), the amount of extracellular fluid (blood, lymph), intracellular fluid and fluids in the body in a bound state (in the edema).
- Quantity in kilograms and percent of the Active cell mass (muscles, organs, brain and nerve cells).
- Body mass index (BMI)
- Waist-to-hip ratio index (WHR)
- Body balance and obesity analysis
- Definition of basic metabolism (kcal / day)
- Biological age
- Analysis of nutrition (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals)
- Deviation of measured values from the norm
- Dynamics of changes in measured values

Who needs bioimpedance analysis of the body (composite analysis of the body)?

- everyone who is interested in their health and wants to choose the optimal diet;
- if weight correction is required;
- athletes to assess the level of physical fitness;
- obese, before, during and after the course of treatment and discharge procedures;
- People with impaired glands functioning (diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome), as well as chronic diseases of the liver and kidneys, digestive organs, cardiovascular system, etc .;
- during rehabilitation after trauma, surgery, serious illness
- with anorexia nervosa.

Based on the results of the analysis, we will evaluate your food and constitutional status; We will reveal a decrease in bone density; Deviations in calories and diet; Determine the degree of obesity; The effectiveness of the weight correction program; We learn, due to what goes (or does not) a reduction in body weight or a set of body weight.

The only contraindications for it are pregnant women and people with the presence of a driver's heart rate.

If you are ready to see how the composition analysis of the body composition helps you to remove excess weight, our nutritionists will help you not only perform a composite body analysis, but also develop individual nutrition programs, exercise and lifestyle aimed at restoring balance in your body and improving metabolism Substances.

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