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Beauty of the body.




Treatments for the body will highlight Your sexuality, will help to return You a slender and sophisticated silhouette, they have a truly wonderful relaxing effect, give emotional and physical comfort.

SPA-Studio "MEI" offers all sorts of complex wraps. First, it is recommended to visit the sauna or shower, then cleanse Your skin using exfoliation to remove dead skin particles and open the pores, then on the problem areas of the body smeared with a special composition and is wrapped with foil, then wrapped in a thermal blanket, ensuring the increase of the temperature accelerates the process of metabolism. In this condition You will have to spend from twenty minutes to forty, depending on the composition, which is applied to Your skin.


We offer the following types of body wraps

Wraps with mud, Chocolate body wrap SPA seaweed wrap, body Exfoliation, Paraffin wrap, Increase and tone the chest, SPA-manicure, SPA-pedicure.


body Wraps mud - in addition to the effect of weight loss, skin tightening and cellulite removal, Your skin is noticeably firmer, becomes elastic, silky smooth, tension leveled, less swelling and acquires precise contours of Your beautiful body. Suppressed pain in the joints, relieve muscle tension. Improves health and mood. Mud enriches Your skin with minerals and vitamins rejuvenates it.


Chocolate cream - acts on the cellulitis. Bioactive substances and oxygen "burn" fat, accelerate the metabolism. Improves skin texture, increases its tone, disappears the effect of "orange peel", cleaned vessels and capillaries, restores normal circulation and "burned" the excess body fat. An excellent antidepressant. Mask pleasure hormone for relaxing and lifting programs total body. Exclusive care and a real pleasure. It not only improves mood exotic, and procedure, contributing to the conservation of moisture in all layers of the skin.


SPA seaweed wrap soften and soothe the skin. There is an intensive flow of oxygen-rich blood to the places of cellulite and fatty deposits and restores the body energetically there is shortage of oxygen. Oxygen-rich blood, "breaks" intoxicated blood vessels and capillaries, and "breaks through" the superficial layers of the skin. After this SPA treatment, the skin breathes freely. Seaweed skin absorbs substances it needs. Removes toxins and excess interstitial fluid, increases lymph flow, allowing for one procedure to reduce the hip size is from 0.5 to 3 cm! Superior hydration combined with the power of minerals and active substances of marine algae gives you the opportunity to obtain quick and long-lasting lifting effect irrespective of the age and structural characteristics of the skin.


a Deep warm up with a lifting effect

Express program to achieve maximum results through deep warming. Increases the effectiveness of anti-cellulite and lifting massages.


Cool mineral wrap

Cool mineral wrap – an integral part of the salon anti-cellulite programs. Improves skin tone, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, stimulates the process of withdrawal of excess fluid from the intercellular spaces.


Program "Mineral tonic" is fun and rehabilitation

Nice solution of problems with spine and joints, anti-stress effect, well-groomed skin + improve potency.


Multicyclonic metabolic body exfoliation

Exfoliating the body promotes deeper penetration of active ingredients of anti-cellulite means, thereby increasing the effectiveness of body wraps and massages, accelerating the desired result.


Thermal paraffin wrap

the Program gives you a powerful anti-cellulite and lifting effects, tightens skin after weight loss after pregnancy care and Anti-age programs for the whole body.


Program SPA-COMFORT - to improve the tone and breast lift

it is Recommended when signs of sagging skin that occurs after pregnancy, drastic weight loss or as a result of age-related changes. Increases the elasticity and firmness of the breast skin, revitalizes and moisturizes. Prevents the appearance of stretch marks and sagging Breasts.



the Beauty of a person.

SPA-studio “MAE” offers a variety of programs to care for the skin, as well as solutions to many problems. All programs show excellent results already after the first procedure, and also combined with the procedures of wrapping the body, it allows you to save Your time. Just over an hour Your face and body will get the maximum result.


Types of programs for the face, neck and décolleté:

Atraumatic facial cleansing, Ultrasonic, “Moisturising treatment with hyaluronic acid”, “Regenerating treatment with vitamin bomb”, “Calming and soothing treatment”, “Instantly soothing and reducing inflammation of the procedure”, “Purifying treatment for oily skin with acne”, “a Stabilizing treatment for skin with acne, oily and combination”, “Caviar treatment for Mature skin”, “Active collagen procedure”, “the Program fresh collagen”, “anti-wrinkles treatment for neck and neck" of Vacuum massage of the face (oil-based), Vacuum face massage (based on concentrates), “Regeneration procedure for the skin around the eyes”, “the Procedure that returns the Shine to the skin around the eyes”, “Diamond lifting eyes”, chemical peel TCA 30% and 40%.

Program for the face, neck and décolleté

“Moisturising treatment with hyaluronic acid»

Immediate increase in skin moisture level after the first treatment, soothing stress relief.


“Regenerating treatment with vitamin bomb»

elasticity, healthy color, tightness, improving the functioning of the protective barrier of the skin.


“Calming and soothing treatment»

Comfort and calm irritated skin, strengthen capillaries.


“Instantly soothing and reducing inflammation procedure»

Instant soothing and moisturizing irritated skin, reducing inflammation.


‘Purifying treatment for oily skin with acne»

Contaminated skin with acne, oily and mixed. The result is Purified, normalized and soothing the skin.


Stabilizing treatment for skin with acne, oily and combination”.

the Effect of grinding, normalization, regeneration and healing of the epidermis, prevents inflammation and impurities.


“Regeneration procedure for the skin around the eyes»

Soothing the skin, improving elasticity and smoothing wrinkles.


“the Procedure that returns the Shine to the skin around the eyes»

the Brightening effect of the skin, improve elasticity, perfect under makeup.


«Diamond lifting eye area»

Improve elasticity, smoothing wrinkles, rassvetnaya.


“Caviar treatment for Mature skin»

anti-wrinkles, stimulating, regenerating, hydrating and increasing the elasticity of the action.


«Active collagen procedure»

wrinkles, moisturizing, firming and revitalization of the skin.


“anti-wrinkles treatment for neck and décolleté»

increasing the level of moisture in the skin, its elasticity, rejuvenation and smoothing of wrinkles.


Atraumatic cleaning of the face Ultrasonic.

the oily skin, sebaceous plugs, black point… a Fresh, glowing skin. Used as a first step in health programs.


Vacuum massage for the face (oil-based)

Removes double chin, improves skin tone, removes swelling of the face.


Vacuum massage of the face (based on concentrates)

Active elimination of problems of the skin by mechanical kneading and the action concentrates. 


Program "fresh collagen»

Has a strong moisturizing effect, restores firmness and elasticity of the skin; the Effect of a facelift is observed after the first treatment: wrinkle depth is reduced, fine lines are smoothed. The effect lasts 5-7 days.

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