Laser treatment of nail fungus

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nail Fungus (onychomycosis) - very retroscreen infection of the nails. The fungus can infect like hands and feet. Onychomycosis is often accompanied by a fungal infection in his surrounding skin.

Manifestations of fungal infections of the nail can be a change in nail color, its brittleness, thickening, etc., For accurate diagnosis requires not only inspection of a dermatologist, but laboratory confirmation - scraping and microscopy of the nail.

Difficulty of treating nail fungus is that all external remedies do not penetrate the nail plate. Therefore, giving precedence to system tablet medication. But systemic therapy also has a reverse side - the toxicity of the drug  funds, especially when you consider that for the effective healing they need to take many months.

recently a new method, laser treatment of onychomycosis.

Treatment of nail fungus laser

the Principle of laser treatment of nail fungus is a deep heating of not only the nail, but it raskovoi zone (matrix). Under the influence of exposure to heat killed mycelium and spores of fungi, stimulated the growth of the nail and the plate is restored.


Neodymium laser (Nd-YAG) heats deeply in the tissue without damaging the nail surface or skin. This laser has proven to be highly effective in the treatment of onychomycosis.

the advantages of laser nail treatment:

- no need to take tablet medication
- no toxic effects on the body
- the procedure is safe, has no side effects
- fast
- effectively

Laser treatment of nail fungus is usually performed on all toes or hands, as it should be remembered that all the nails are in close contact with each other and  even if for some there are no clinical manifestations, this does not mean that they are not infected.

Is the procedure of laser nail treatment no more than 30 min. Is carried out under the strict control of the temperature on the surface of the nail.

the Course is about 4-6 treatments with an interval of approximately 1 month.

Our experts will tell you how to properly care for your nails during treatment, how to disinfect shoes, as well as help to make rate of visits for treatment.

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Examples of laser treatment of nail fungus (before and after treatment)

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