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How to remove a tattoo?

Such a question can "visit" with the time of any of its owners. Over time, people change, their way of life changes. A long time ago a tattoo can not combine with this new life and even interfere with it. After all, most tattoos are made by youth. Many are for the company, and then they regret this very much.

SPA-Studio "Mei" offers you safe, effective and complete tattoo removal using modern laser technology. Our laser is specifically designed to remove any tattoos, regardless of the color of the ink or age. Using laser tattoo removal technology, a tattoo can most often be removed without damaging the skin. When removing tattoos in the SPA-Studio "Mei" we use the ND: YAG laser.

In recent years, tattoos have gained considerable popularity. Compared to other methods of tattoo removal, lasers work best. Patients who have previously tried to remove tattoos can also be subjected to a laser tattoo removal procedure. Tattoos that have been removed ineffectively, using other methods, or with the help of home remedies, can be well tolerated by laser removal, provided that the previous removal did not form too many scars.

How does the laser tattoo removal work?

The pulse of light from the laser is used for a short time on the tattoo area. Lasers create certain wavelengths of light that are designed to destroy the different colors of the ink-creating tattoo. The resulting smaller particles of ink are removed by the body's own immune system in the deeper layer of the skin. Most often, a full laser tattoo removal requires several sessions. Each procedure takes from a few minutes to half an hour, depending on the size of the tattoo, and these procedures are located at a distance of 4 or more weeks.

MEI SPA-Studio Laser tattoo removalComplete Laser Tattoo Removal

With ND: YAG laser, we can completely remove almost any color tattoo anywhere. There are only very few special cases where ink can remain. They remain in limited numbers and you will not see a trace of the tattoo, if you did not know that it was there. The skin requires some time to recover after each treatment session, but the laser leaves extremely small damage.

Is it painful to remove tattoos with a laser?

Removing a tattoo with a laser does not hurt as much as applying it. The procedure takes a very short time and most people say that the pain is like a rubber band. A few days after each procedure, the skin can be somewhat painful. It often blushes or swells and, perhaps, is covered with blisters and scabs, like sunburn. It is important to ensure proper care of the area where the procedure was carried out. It is necessary to limit the possibility of damage and shorten the healing time.

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