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Five Reasons for the Popularity of Laser Carbon Peeling

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Today, every woman knows, or walking about hearing about such a procedure as face peeling. Sometimes we do it at home, but more often we turn to cosmetologists, since no one will perform this procedure more effectively than they. In the current "arsenal" of beauty salons - a variety of techniques, ranging from mechanical to chemical or hardware peelings. Peelings can save us from many aesthetic shortcomings.

The course of the peeling eliminates the signs of aging, smoothes, removes wrinkles and dull complexion, removes pigment spots, acne and post-acne ... in general, this is a real panacea. However, every peeling, apart from its advantages, has its drawbacks.

For example, incorrectly conducted mechanical peeling can cause microcracks, scratches, injuries. And they can lead to inflammatory processes. Chemical peeling can cause an allergic reaction, an increase in the greasiness or dryness of the skin.

But in the last couple of years in the race of peelings there has been a new favorite - laser carbon peeling.

What is laser carbon peeling?

This is an innovative scientific development, which consists in the complex effect of laser and photorejuvenation. The procedure is performed on a neodymium laser using a carbon mask gel.

What is the secret of the growing popularity of laser carbon peeling?

In comparison with other types of peelings, laser carbon peeling has 5 main advantages.

First: When doing this peeling, a carbon nano-gel is used. Its particles effectively bind to the horny layer of the skin, penetrate deeply into the pores and absorb sebum and dirt. In a laser beam, they break down and open a clean, smooth skin.

Secondly: Due to laser exposure, photothermolysis takes place in the skin. As a result of directed deep heating in the dermis, the production of elastin and collagen begins. So begins the process of rejuvenation. Changes are visible right after the procedure, and the effect increases with time.

The laser beam has a bactericidal effect. It detrimental effects on opportunistic microorganisms that normally live on the surface of the skin, in the sebaceous and sweat glands, effectively treats acne and all sorts of inflammatory skin diseases. The laser eliminates the immediate cause of the disease, and not its consequence. As a result, the skin returns to a young, fresh and blooming appearance, and it actually looks healthy. This advantage of carbon peeling is on the third, but not the last place of our list.

Expanded pores not only cause trouble, but also real anguish: they clog up, cause acne, acne, inflammation and many skin diseases. Carbon peeling effectively narrows the pores - this is his fourth advantage.

The fifth reason for popularity is the comfort of the procedure. During the procedure, only heat is felt, and nothing more. No burning, tingling and other, uncomfortable sensations. This important aspect makes the procedure even more attractive.

The procedure takes only 30-40 minutes. It can be carried out throughout the year, as they do not affect the skin's ability to withstand high or low temperatures. After the course of rejuvenation, you do not need to survive the rehabilitation period, since the only sign that you have been to a cosmetologist can be only a barely noticeable reddening that already passes during the first hours. And you lead your usual lifestyle without any additional effort.

The first results - firm and smooth skin - are visible after 2-3 procedures. As a rule, a course of 4-5 is recommended, but the exact amount is determined individually.

Before the procedure, it is best to come to our salon for a consultation with a cosmetologist. On it, you get an accurate idea of ​​how the procedure is going, find out whether there are contraindications, and indicate the expected results.

Laser carbon peeling procedure You:

- Get an elastic, smooth and radiant skin.
- Get rid of fine wrinkles and stimulate the production of collagen.
- Get rid of acne and inflammatory processes.
- Narrow pores.
- You can immediately return to your daily business without a rehabilitation period.

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