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Our spa salon SPA-Studio "May" (Krivoy Rog) can provide the following types of manicure and pedicure: Classic manicure, European manicure, French manicure, SPA manicure, SPA pedicure, Hardware manicure and pedicure, Nail extensions (acrylic, gel) , Art nails painting,

Classic manicure

Another name for this manicure is edging, and that's how your grandmother took care of the nails. First, the nails are filed, and the softening cream is applied to the cuticle (skin around the nail). Then hands are steamed in warm water with aromatic oils or salt, push the cuticle off with a special spatula and remove it with tweezers or scissors. After that, the nail surface is polished and applied. At the end of the manicure, the skin around the nail is smeared with a special oil that strengthens it and prevents the formation of burrs. The most difficult thing in a classical manicure is the removal of the cuticle. With the wrong approach to the matter you will get burrs, and even cuts, cuticle will start to grow even more. This procedure should be entrusted to a professional. Most likely, he will supplement manicure with a massage.

European manicure

It is known that in the West, an edging manicure is a rarity. They prefer a safe in all respects dry manicure. Its main difference - the cuticle is not steamed and not cut. First, apply a softening cream and gently push the cuticle with a wooden stick. Then rub a special cream, oil or liquid to remove the cuticle and again push it back with a stick. After applying the varnish, a special oil is used, which slows down the growth of the cuticle. European manicure will make your nails ideal not immediately, but only after five to seven procedures. The fact is that the means for removing the cuticle gradually dissolve the upper layers of coarse skin.

Dry manicure is good for those who have close blood vessels, and cuticles are thin and tender. Or for those who are afraid of panic attacks and do not like manicure tweezers.

French manicure

French manicure, exquisitely simple and natural, comes to any hand and to any image. His classic version does not look good. The shape of the nail is square or semi-square, a white varnish is applied to the outgrowth of the nail, and the entire nail is transparent or corporal. Some prefer the avant-garde version of this manicure, in which the shape and color of the nail edge can be very different, and the varnish itself is applied to the nail itself.

SPA manicure

The procedure is unusually pleasant and very useful for the skin of hands and nails. And all its stages are accompanied by a massage. In the beginning - a relaxing warm bath with sea salt and specially selected aromatic oils. Then, the cooling cream is rubbed into it. After that, a peeling is applied, which is washed off with cool water. And in conclusion - a moisturizer. If the nails are a little started, the first thing to do is dry manicure.

SPA manicure


Removal of pain in the joints and tired muscles of the hands. Stimulation of the growth zone of the nail. Humidifying, preserving the youthfulness of the skin of the hands.


"Hormone of pleasure" for true connoisseurs of SPA manicure. Lifting and moisturizing the skin.


Paraffin baths eliminate peeling, treat microcracks and nourish the skin of hands, but also slow down aging and even prevent deformation of bones. Paraffinotherapy is recommended once every three to four weeks. The skin of the hands is cleaned. Massage movements apply gel-peeling, the remains of which are removed with a towel. Then the hands are lubricated with a special cream that will not let the paraffin adhere to the skin. After this, the hands are lowered several times into warm paraffin, wrapped in cellophane and terry mittens. After 15 minutes, the paraffin film is removed and a moisturizer is applied.


Moisturizes the hands, keeping moisture in the skin for a long time, so that the skin looks elastic and supple.



Removal of pain in the joints and tired muscles of the feet. Humidification, nutrition, prevention of cracks and burrs.


"Hormone of pleasure" for true connoisseurs of SPA pedicure. Lifting and moisturizing the skin.


Deep warming up in the joints and muscles + maximum moisture = "heels of the baby"


Reduces varicose manifestations, relieves fatigue and "heaviness" of the legs. Maximum moisturizes the skin of the feet and feet.


Gives the skin of the legs tenderness and hydration

Hardware manicure

This kind of manicure - for owners of nails. It is in this case to remove the cuticles, filing and polishing the nails most conveniently with a machine with special nozzles.

Nail extensions

A good option for those who want to get long, well-groomed nails "here and now." To increase nails is not recommended for those who have weak nails, exfoliating. But, if you have an important event, under artificial nails you can hide all defects for a while. Acrylic nails are applied to the entire nail plate. Choose a shape and brush spread acrylic, which freezes right on the nail. Then a new nail is ground and filed.

Nails design

This is another replacement for the usual everyday manicure. A good master will embody any of your fantasies, and if you do not want to fantasize, choose a picture from the catalog. The prepared nails are applied to the base of any color, and then with a tiny brush and acrylic paints. It can be supplemented with iridescent sand, feathers, rhinestones, pearls, beads.

Machine pedicure

Safe and effective foot care, provides the most thorough and gentle foot care. With its help, you can remove the burrs, microcracks, eliminate the problem of ingrown nails, handle diabetic feet and feet affected by the fungus.

Laminating of nails

Laminating makes the nails smooth and shiny, helps to repair damaged and strengthen fragile nails. The essence of the procedure is to create a protective film and at the same time not to violate the natural functions of the nail plate (breathing, nutrition). Biogel is a complex of natural resins, which cure under the influence of ultraviolet (a special lamp), forming a strong elastic film. Protective film can withstand temperature changes, contact with household chemicals, mechanical damage. Laminate preserves its properties all the time while it is on the nails, if necessary, you can adjust the coating approximately every 3 weeks, as the nail grows.

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