Massage vacuum - details

vakuumnuj-massajeIt is known that in ancient China for the treatment of many diseases hollow thin sticks of clay or bamboo were used. The doctors created negative pressure in them and applied them to the patient's body. The skin was pulled into these sticks, thus the flow of blood to the affected organ arose. The ancient Chinese physicians rightly believed that the diseased organ can be cured by good blood circulation. Currently, a similar procedure is called vacuum hardware massage.



The wands were replaced by well-known banks, inside of which a vacuum is created. With a vacuum apparatus massage, the intensity of metabolism increases, blood circulation improves, tissues are better supplied with oxygen. In addition, under the influence of vacuum massage, toxic substances and slags are extracted from the body.


Vacuum machine massage in the SPA-Studio "Mei" (Krivoy Rog) is carried out with the help of special devices, thanks to their influence, lymph flow is established, slags are removed, puffiness is eliminated, subcutaneous fat formations are destroyed. Vacuum machine massage (Krivoy Rog) is carried out with the help of various machine attachments, pressure and intensity level can be adjusted. The nozzle gently absorbs the skin, while the masseur makes circular movements, gently pressing on the skin and rolling it in the necessary direction.

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