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Technology eyelash extension

There are 2 technologies eyelash – traditional building beams and a Japanese eyelash extension. The traditional build-up to the base of your eyelashes artificial eyelashes are attached, collected in small bundles of 3-5 pieces. Bundles, depending on your wishes, can be completely different in length and density; perhaps even to eyelashes with rhinestones. But to maintain the effect, in a fortnight will have to go back to the beauty salon to correct fallen eyelash extensions.

At a Japanese extension artificial eyelashes are attached to the base of your eyelashes are not bundles, and individually, to one another. Japanese extensions are much more durable than traditional: hold the lashes up to 3 months, and despite the fact that the correction should be carried out approximately once a month.

the Significant difference is due to the fact that along with the native hair falls out and extended beam (traditional building) or one of extended eyelash (in Japanese method). Naturally, the loss from the beam of the eyelashes becomes more noticeable and requires more frequent adjustment.

What technology to choose? It all depends on what purpose you are increasing the eyelashes. For everyday life when you need just slightly increase the density and length of your own eyelashes, it is enough for only a few lash extensions - in this case, the ideal Japanese technology capacity. And for special occasions, be it a wedding, anniversary or social event, it is appropriate to glue eye lashes voluminous bundles.

the use of both technologies increasing eyelashes can be very varied in colour from traditional black and brown to more exotic silver, blue or chocolate. An interesting effect is obtained by applying individual faux eyelashes, bright caramel notes.

Long lashes are glued to the outer corners of the eyes, thanks to the eyelashes at the sight there is a special depth, but a number of them it is better not to overdo it, of course, if you do not achieve especially “puppet” effect. For those who want to get used to the image of a little girl, is to stick eyelashes on the upper and on the lower eyelid - this simple technique is achieved by the childish innocence of the look.

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