Alexandra Sergeevna

I learned from the Internet about the method of ultrasound liposuction, make it in the Spa-studio MAY before I came to the procedure consulted a specialist cosmetician about contraindications and testimony told me in detail how to prepare for it and wrote me down on the procedure. Honestly, the results I was satisfied after the first session, when a centimeter tape at the waist showed a minus 3 cm - this is a good indicator for me. The most important thing is that the procedure is carried very comfortably and painlessly. She did 4 liposuction procedures and combined with a pleasant lymphatic drainage massage and received a result of 5 cm waistline, -6 cm hip + and also lost 4 kg weight. For 3 weeks.
Thanks to the spa salon girls for the fruitful work on my body, which I am now very pleased with.

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