Nataly Machihina

Having received a gift for a massage for the back and head massage, she came to Mae's solo and saw the frail girl-masseuse Masha and was so surprised and amazed at her skills to create a massage so I had to wake up. So relaxing was this procedure, woke up from a quiet snore without a single thought in my head, with complete bliss and unfamiliar throughout the body. Pleasant music, smells, coolness, a quiet voice and absolute understanding of the client, absence of empty conversations (from which you get tired at work all day long), caring and attentive attitude - very disposes. Thanks to you and my son who made me this gift I visited the seventh heaven of pleasure. I wish everyone to experience a feeling of ease, relaxation and a caring attitude to yourself in the "Me Salon Spa". Thanks to the salon employees for their work.
P.S Please encourage the masseuse Masha in money terms.

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