Girls, believe me, I Taaak for a long time struggled with acne, not just with pimples before CD and at an intermediate age, namely with RAPIDS! Concrete such !!! Went to dermatologists, different, one appointed some Boltushka, she was made in a drugstore on prescription for order, anointed her a couple of times and almost burned herself all face !! Sorry there is no photo, t. K. It was already about 7 years ago! Another dermatologist ponapisyvayu me all sorts of zenerites, wolves and pokey x * rni from which only it became pure in my purse! The effect of zero, it was embarrassing to walk, all cheekbones and cheeks, and also the chin were in cyanotic-red deep pimples !! Until then, my friend advised me to Julia !! Somehow I signed up to her in May for manual cleaning. Honestly, the first time it was horrible !! She pressed me so that my eyes were on my forehead !! And so it was 3 times in a row, until she squeezed all the crap from my face !! I will not go into details of what makeup I used potrm, I can say with certainty, until you squeeze all the rubbish from your face, nichrome no means of mazuki from above will not help you !! It's just that you have to clean it professionally !! And it can not cost cheap!

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