Aqua Peel

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Aqua Peel is an innovative procedure that, thanks to the simultaneous use of vacuum and cleaning serum, effectively removes dead skin cells and cleans the pores of contaminants, providing visible moistening of the skin.

The keratinized cells are exfoliated by a special process that takes place when the skin is sucked into the induction tube. The internal cavity of the nozzle has spiral channels, through which the serum is supplied under pressure.
In the aquapeeling process, only the keratinized cells are removed without traumatizing the living structures of the skin.

The Aqua Peel rotary plastic nozzle has two main functions.
It removes only the keratinized cells without injuring the living structures of the skin.
After removing the dead cells, vitamins and nutrients contained in the serum easily penetrate the skin. Dead cells, grease plugs and other contaminants are ejected through the tube.

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The procedure of aquapeelling is very simple and takes only 20-30 minutes. Aqua Peel (Krivoy Rog) effectively removes sebum, dead cells, black and white dots, cleans and narrows your pores. Just one procedure brings you a smooth, clean and moisturized skin.

Unlike the existing microdermabrasion machines, Krivoy Rog aquapilage relieves you of the negative effects of mechanical peeling, skin trauma, redness and podertostey, and gives your skin a sense of purity and hydration.

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What is Aqua Peel?

- Innovative procedure for skin renewal and rejuvenation
- Without surgery, without injections, without pain and discomfort
- Visibly reduces wrinkles, clogged pores, acne and much more
- Instantly improves skin condition with hyperpigmentation, contaminated pores and uneven skin
- Provides cleansing, peeling, nutrition, moisturizing and antioxidant protection to your skin
- The procedure requires only 20 minutes

How does Aqua Peel work?

Mei SPA studio aqua peel 6Specially designed nozzle with rotational channels gently exfoliates dead skin cells, removes extracts of keratin, sebum, acne and other impurities from dilated pores.

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Depending on the specific patient's problems, individually selected cleaning fluids and serums are used.
The procedure is painless and does not require a rehabilitation period. Aqua peel in Krivoy Rog provides you with the removal of exfoliation of dead skin cells, removal of comedones, acne, purification and narrowing of pores, nourishes and moisturizes your skin due to the use of therapeutic serums.

The effect of Aqua peel

1. Improves the texture of the skin, makes it clean, radiant and pleasant to the touch
2. Aligns the complexion.
3. Narrows the pores, cleans them of dirt, comedones and debris of sebum.
4. Controls the secretion of sebum.
5. Eliminates rashes and peeling of the skin.
6. Removes make-up remnants.
7. Nourishes your skin with active substances, vitamins and microelements.

The cost of the procedure for Aqua Peel of the face can be seen here.

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Aquapile treatment results

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