What is chemical peeling?

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Chemical peeling is the application of a chemical solution (acid) to the face skin to remove and exfoliate its upper layers. In their place will appear a new, less pigmented, healthy radiant skin. The new, regenerated layer is generally softer and less wrinkled than the old skin. Chemical peeling also plays an important role in stimulating fibroblasts and creating a new collagen. Your new skin for a while may be more sensitive to sunlight, so the daily use of sunscreen is a must. Depending on the type of peeling, they can be repeated 1-6 weeks to achieve the desired results.

Chemical peeling is effective in fighting against:

- Acne
- Scars from acne (fasting acne)
- Skin lesions caused by sunlight (hyperpigmentation)
- Goose-paws in the eyes and nasolabial folds
- Wrinkles
- Great pores
- Freckles
- Age spots
- Aligning the relief of the skin
- Anti-aging changes

What are the types of chemical peelings?

Superficial peeling

It is often called the "lunch break" procedure. It is performed on the basis of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA, such as glycolic acid), beta-hydroxy acids (BHA, for example, dairy) in 10% -30% concentration. In combination with vitamin C peelings provide a smooth, bright skin for people who do not want to spend time on the rehabilitation period from when deep peeling. The skin can take a pink shade, and as a rule, in this case, only minimal peeling and flaking occurs. To hide redness you can use makeup. These peelings do not require you to break away from life / work, as they have a mild effect and have milder side effects. You can do superficial chemical peeling every two weeks. Also, in combination with them, microdermabrasion of the skin (micro skin grinding) and hand cleaning of the face can be used.

Middle peelings

These peelings include TCA peeling (trichloroacetic acid), 30% -70% glycolic peeling and peelings with vitamin A. These components provide deeper and more aggressive peeling. For 2-3 days the skin can take a reddish-brown color, cover with a crust, and then flake and peel off throughout the week. There may also be swelling. It is especially likely in the eye area. Usually patients take several days off to give the skin time to recover. An excellent example of these peelings can serve TSA peeling CLARENA Frost Peel I and II with 30% and 40% TCA, respectively.

Deep chemical peeling

Phenol peels are the strongest of chemical solutions and can cause skin burn of the second degree, and provides a persistent and lasting result, leading to a decrease in facial wrinkles and acne scars. Today, phenol peeling is losing its popularity due to the long rehabilitation period and unpredictable results associated with uneven pigmentation changes. Recovery can be slow and full healing of the skin can take 1-2 months.

Can a chemical peel replace the facelift?

No. However, chemical peeling has a strengthening effect, eliminates the sagging of the skin (loss of elasticity). This way you get a lifting effect without surgery.

Chronic irritation can lead to accelerated aging of your skin.

Studies show that inflammations caused by sunburn, frequent chemical peels, potent drugs and "glycolic overload" can destroy the lipid barrier of the skin, leaving it unprotected and vulnerable to irritations and the formation of free radicals that can change the DNA of cells and lead to accelerated aging of your Skin. Chemical peeling is now very popular, but you would not want your face to be peeled all the time. Peeling is important for stimulating fibroblasts and the formation of new collagen, as well as intensifying cellular metabolism. All this makes your skin young and elastic in a natural way.

The purpose of peeling: your skin becomes younger with minimal irritation.

The skin likes some increase in the effects of peeling. However, this can not be done indefinitely. However, the results of recent studies show that it is better to carry out several gentle peelings than one deep peel. This effect is like losing weight when losing weight. Small changes in your eating habits and daily exercise lead to long-term success, and one "failure" in your diet can completely erase your dreams of losing weight.

For example, two programs of chemical peelings, which are conducted in the SPA-Studio "Mei" .

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Recovery program (ideal for anti-aging)

This innovative approach for skin regeneration uses advanced peelings and rejuvenating procedures performed once a week for six weeks. Thanks to this, you get immediate results to improve the texture of the skin, smoothness and its healthy appearance.

Week 1, 3, 5: Multi-acid peeling with acids ANA CLARENA Multi Fruit AHA 35% serum and ultrasonic cleaning provide effective exfoliation and removal of dead skin layers.
Weeks 2, 4, 6: the period of skin regeneration using non-injection mesotherapy Derma OXY and special ingredients that are delivered deep into the skin to create new, healthy cells.

Anti acne program (ideal for teenage or adult acne)

In this program, we apply the most effective anti-acne and cleansing procedures. With each week, the rashes decrease, your skin becomes cleaner and smoother.
Weeks 1, 3, 5: peeling with lactobionic, pyruvic and salicylic acids CLARENA Acid Anti-Acne 50% bioactive serum and face cleaning provide effective exfoliation, disinfection, healing of acne and prevent their reappearance.
Weeks 2, 4, 6: anti acne procedures in combination with oxygen mesotherapy Derma OXY, aimed at healing traces of acne, deep cleansing pores, exfoliating, repairing and smoothing the skin.

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