Delicate chocolate body wrap


The chocolate has a lot of positive qualities to promote health as by eating, and when applied to the skin.

When eating chocolate in the food we get high amount of zinc, potassium, magnesium and iron. Magnesium is known to be very useful for the muscles and is one of the elements that is regularly recommended by doctors massage their clients. A deficiency in magnesium is thought to be one of the reasons why before menstruation, women want chocolate.

Chocolate is also rich in vitamins B and E and are believed to prevent memory impairment.

Chocolate massage is a rare style of massage, mostly used in Europe. Here beauticians heated the chocolate and use it during the massage, sometimes diluting it with warmed massage oil. Chocolate massage is sometimes combined with a chocolate body wrap and chocolate facial for a complete package.

Chocolate body wrap – massage with special cosmetic chocolate , and the client is wrapped in plastic, foil or other material to allow the health properties of the chocolate to seep into the skin. Chocolate body care is popular because it is available substances make your skin more young, supple and taut.

As a chocolate body wrap to increase long-term weight loss, have a very strong relaxing and anti-stress effect.

Before holding a chocolate wrapping beautician You measure. Loss of inches is one of the effects of chocolate wrappings. When the holding body absorbs the chocolate and essential oils, vitamins, minerals, nutrients and moisture. Beautician gentle relaxing movements does chocolate on Your whole body and wraps it with a special fabric or film. Within 60 minutes of holding a chocolate body wrap in our Spa-salon SPA-Studio "Mei" You enjoy lying on a soft couch in a warm blanket, the stress and tension leave Your body.

If You love yourself, then you will appreciate the relaxing effect of our chocolate wrap. After it will be washed away from Your body, the skin will become smooth and shiny like a newborn child. Brown butter soften and moisturize Your skin, stimulating it the process of rejuvenation and detoxification. You will want to feel again and again invigorating and relaxing effect of our chocolate body wraps.

Chocolate has lots of advantages beneficial to Your skin. This explains why chocolate is so widely represented in products for skin care. Many people get the same charge of pleasure from the use of a chocolate treat, like eating chocolate.


Chocolate has appeared as a component in the beauty industry and products for the body in the middle of the XVIII C., when the producers of tools for the beauty industry found softening for the skin properties of cocoa butter. It happened quite recently. However, the use of the chocolate body treatment has begun to be researched by scientists, after the discovery of the fact that chocolate can be good for some people.

Types of chocolate wrapping

There are several types of chocolate body wraps. Body scrabulous chunks of cocoa or sugar together with cocoa, to get rid of dead skin cells and release the young, healthy skin below. Our Chocolate body wraps remove dead skin cells, moisturize the skin and boost circulation to improve its appearance.

Chocolate treatments can affect Your skin in several different ways. It can moisturize Your skin and stimulate cell regeneration. Chocolate also contains caffeine, a component which accelerates blood circulation, promotes more rapid nourishment of Your skin and the removal from it of toxins. The chocolate is an antioxidant. This property of chocolate helps protect Your skin from wrinkles.

To extract the maximum benefit from Your chocolate body treatment, select the treatment that contain chocolate, cocoa or cocoa butter as the main ingredient. And the darker the chocolate, the greater the benefit it will bring to Your skin, So when chocolate treatments. it is best to choose chocolate with at least 35% cocoa.

What are the benefits of chocolate body wraps?

Body wraps popular spa treatments, designed to carry You feelings of well-being, relaxation and pleasure. The therapeutic effect of the wraps is based on the principle of intensive supply of the skin and soft tissues and elimination of toxins and excess fluids from the body.

The basics of body wraps

When the skin is ready, you wrap (usually a stretchy fabric or film in a few tens of centimeters wide). It covers the whole body so that to make contact with the skin, but not to the degree of compression. Depending on the purpose of wrapping the client can put on some special suit for sweating or lying on the cosmetic table with a blanket. After the completion of the client unfold, wash away the remnants of chocolate wrapping and re-measure.

Components chocolate wrapping

Chocolate wrap includes: cocoa (contains caffeine), macadamia nut and almond oils (soften and reduce inflammation), jojoba oil (nutrition and hydration), ginseng, lecithin, and vitamins E and C. Some of these components are antioxidants, and most moisturizes the skin.


Chocolate has an intense sensory properties. According to the New York Times article, even the smell of chocolate activates the neurons of eating and the expectation of pleasure. Absorption through the skin, coupled with an activating odor, increases endorphins. This, along with caffeine and ginseng, will boost your mood and improves Your health. When heated, the oils evaporate and are absorbed by the skin, leaving it soft and silky.


The result is a chocolate body wrap loss inches, shape changes, weight loss, improved skin and reduction of cellulite. Sweating and detoxifying will be reflected in the improvement of skin and weight loss. Cellulite reduction helps, if the problem area is exposed to high temperature and lymphatic drainage massage together with a chocolate wrap. Detoxification also increases long-term weight loss and can be used on a regular basis. Wraps such as chocolate body wrap, relax and bring pleasure. They also reduce stress, improve physical health and enhance health.


People with high /low blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, pregnancy or other chronic illness should consult their physician before application of the chocolate body wrap.

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