Injection lip plastic

Injection lip plastic is now one of the most popular procedures. Ladies who apply for lip correction can be divided into two groups. The first group - young girls who want to increase the volume of the lips, to give the desired form and sexuality. Thanks to the use of biodegradable fillers based on hyaluronic acid, they get scope for experimentation and can easily get lips of the desired shape favorably emphasizing the features of the face and eyes. Using injection lip plastic in working with young patients, we achieve much more - harmonization of the entire face.

The second group is the patients of mature age who want to restore youth to the face and lips. Typically, this alignment of the relief of the lips and the perioral zone, the restoration of a clear contour of the lips, raising the corners of the mouth and correcting wrinkles. To the proposal to increase the lips of such women can be treated with distrust. However, remember that the introduction of drugs based on hyaluronic acid in the red rim is increasingly pursuing the goal not so much to increase the lips, how much to smooth them, to give your lips elasticity, pleasant color and ensure a prolonged moisturizing.

Anthropometry of perfect lips
So, how do the perfect lips look?
Увеличение губ в SPA-Studio Мэй

Ideal lips have a little protruding in the form of a white roller contour, and the width of the filter is limited by incisors. The width of the mouth is slightly less than the distance between the mid-to-lane lines and is approximately equal to the projection of the six upper teeth (about 50.9 mm). The ratio of the upper lip to the bottom is 2: 3, which corresponds to the proportion of the "golden section". For women, the height of the upper and lower lips is acceptable. The domination of the upper lip introduces disharmony in the perception of the face. Before the procedure, the cosmetician SPA-Studio "Mei" discusses with you the desired shape and volume of the lips in order to maximally emphasize the positive side of your face.

Идеальные губы в МэйIt is also worth remembering the evaluation of the lips in the profile. For clarity, it is enough to attach a ruler to the tip of the nose of the girl and the protruding part of the chin. This is the Ricketts line, which allows you to assess the harmony of the lips. Normally, the upper lip recedes from the Rikket line by 4 mm, the lower one by 2 mm. Given the real proportions, we can recommend a correction of the volume and the contour of the lips to achieve harmony.

For age patients with obvious flattening of the lips, injection plastic returns arcuate bends of the lips of the young face.

What should be considered when lip plastic?

Прежде чем приступить к коррекции губ конкретного пациента, мы оцениваем их морфотип, изучаем картину в динамике, оцениваем вид улыбки, прикус, состояние ротовой полости. Ведь только тщательный осмотр и анализ периоральной области гарантируют хороший клинический результат будущей коррекции.

Идеальные губы в Мэй

Before we start correcting the lips of a particular patient, we evaluate their morphotype, study the picture in dynamics, estimate the type of smile, bite, and condition of the oral cavity. After all, only a thorough examination and analysis of the perioral region guarantees a good clinical result of the future correction. According to Vano, 4 lip morphologies are distinguished: normally developed, lips with signs of destructuring, hyper-structured lips and pathological lips. Of course, normally developed lips are the most "convenient" option for correction and during the procedure, various techniques can be used. In other cases, obtaining the desired result in patients of any age depends directly on the correct tactics of injection plastics.

In our work with the injection of lip plastic we adhere to the following principles:
1. An integrated approach for solving existing cosmetic deficiencies.
2. The purpose of correction is restoring the harmony of the face, and not getting "exclusive" lips.
3. The final result must be predicted as fully as possible.
4. In our work we use exclusively high-quality preparations, fillers based on stabilized HA.
5. Exclude the introduction of large volumes of the drug in one procedure.
6. If necessary, a step-by-step correction plan is built.

It is thanks to such an integrated approach of specialists from SPA-Studio Mei that harmony of your face is achieved, which removes the disadvantages in the cheek area, removes nasolabial folds and gives your lips the desired shape and volume.


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