How deficiency of vitamins affects the effectiveness of cosmetic procedures

Витамины в Мэй

The prevalence of vitamin and micronutrient deficiency is of concern to many cosmeticians today. After all, deficiency of vitamin D, magnesium, zinc can adversely affect the effectiveness of cosmetic procedures and increase the risk of complications.

Results of studies conducted in various countries, more than 70% of women suffer from vitamin and micronutrient deficiencies. And Ukraine, unfortunately, is no exception.

Vitamin D

The situation is such that today we can talk about a pandemic of vitamin D deficiency affecting almost the entire population of Ukraine.
Vitamin D, belonging to the group of fat-soluble, is present in natural form only in a small amount of food, and its synthesis in our bodies is possible only when ultraviolet rays of sunlight get on our skin at a certain angle. But obtained from food and in the form of additives, as well as formed from sunlight, vitamin D is inert. To convert it into an active form of the D-hormone, it must undergo two hydroxylation processes.

Витамин Д в Мэй

Studies show that vitamin D affects cell growth, neuromuscular conduction, the state of immunity and the development of inflammation. It also regulates the expression of protein-encoding genes that affect the growth, division and death of cells, which is very important for the effectiveness of cosmetic procedures.


It is well known that the normal level of magnesium controls human health. Today in Ukraine, magnesium deficiency becomes an extremely common problem, along with a deficiency of iodine, calcium and zinc.

omen in a healthy state have a higher level of magnesium. This is due to his active participation in the reproductive function. But, according to statistical data, up to 63% of women aged 18-45 have a low level of magnesium or its deficiency. Many of us live in conditions of chronic stress. And women have especially high rice of its development. And chronic stress is one of the main causes, leading to a disruption in the intake and assimilation of magnesium in the body.

In our body, more than 700 proteins are magnesium-dependent. And the compensation of magnesium deficiency, especially against the backdrop of chronic stress, is an extremely urgent task.

Magnesium participates in the development of the embryo, energy metabolism, signal transduction processes, strengthens the structure of connective tissue, affects the cardiovascular and immune systems.


Zinc, like magnesium, is one of the most important elements necessary for the good functioning of our organisms. Zinc is the most important factor for the normal functioning of the human immune system. And its deficiency directly leads to suppression of immunity.

For a cosmetologist, the influence of zinc on the healing of wounds is also important. Zinc-containing enzymes clean the wound from tissue detritus, regulate the migration of cells and restore the extracellular matrix. Studies show that within 24 hours after the injury, the zinc content in the edges of the wound increases by 30%. Therefore, the necessary concentration of zinc in patients of cosmetic clinics allows to shorten the period of rehabilitation after invasive procedures and to remove the risk of complications.


In this article, we talked about the three most frequently encountered vitamin and micronutrient deficiencies. According to the results of research, almost 100% of women aged 37-49 suffer from vitamin D deficiency. Therefore, to reduce the risks of complications and increase the effectiveness of procedures, especially invasive, it is simply necessary to take vitamin-mineral complexes and mono-drugs. They will bring the content of vitamin D, zinc and magnesium in your body to the norm and you are guaranteed to get the maximum result from cosmetic procedures.

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