How to take care of the skin in the spring-summer period

What is the best way to take care of your skin? The answer to this question depends not only on your body, but also on the season. Because the weather is constantly changing and nursing programs should change with it.

Spring and summer skin care can be particularly difficult. We often hide from winter dryness until the appearance of the sun and this can create certain problems. So it is better to begin to prepare your skin for the hot summer season in the spring, removing from it the dead and dry layer left over from winter.

And the question is, what cosmetics and procedures our skin needs so that it is young and healthy and let you enjoy the sun all summer.

Skin Care Tips

Time matters

When preparing the skin for the summer season, remember that in this case time matters. And if you want your skin to look flawless, say, to a wedding or other significant event, then it's best to start training 3 months before it.

Visit to the cosmetologist

So where do you start? One of the main recommendations is to meet with the cosmetician SPA-Studio May, who will advise you specific steps to get healthy and radiant skin. In the process of consultation we:
- We will discuss your current questions and problems
- We will evaluate your current skin care products
- We will discuss the goals of care and your time frame
- Develop your individual skin care plan

Regularity is the key to success

One of the most important points of an effective anesthetic procedure is its regularity. Therefore it is important to follow the procedures consistently and without fail to use effective cosmetics for home care. That's why it's important to develop an individual skin care plan that includes a list of your daily routines.

Define the necessary procedures

Your individual skin care course is not an exclusively one-time procedure. And your skin is not like your girlfriend. Therefore, what is suitable for you may not be suitable for her. In SPA-Studio, May there is a large number of modern effective procedures that will remove cosmetic imperfections and help your skin to be young and supple. Massages, peelings, radiolifting, HIFU, oxygen mesotherapy, laser procedures, beauty injections - all this and much more together with an individual plan of procedures will allow you to get the desired result in the shortest possible time and look young.

The pace of our lives and negative environmental factors also affect our appearance and the state of the organism as a whole. In SPA-Studio, May we pay much attention to the restoration of natural beauty, not only from the outside, but also from the inside. And in this we are helped by vitamins, minerals and beauty supplements of famous Japanese brands Fancl, DHC, Meiji, Shiseido. Vitamin B, calcium, magnesium, coenzyme Q10, collagen is just a small list of what our body needs so much. And with age, this need only increases.

Individual plan for compensation of missing vitamins and trace elements in combination with effective cosmetology techniques significantly increases the result from the procedure and saves it longer.

Home care

It is also important to care for the skin at home. Home care is more important than we usually think. Therefore, you just need to have the best skin care products. Our cosmetologist can recommend you cosmetics suitable for your skin type. Your supplier can recommend the best products for your skin type, but will tell you about the intricacies of its application. And remember that an integrated approach is the key to success: several products used regularly have a much greater effect than the 10 tools used randomly.

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