Cavitation - non-surgical liposuction


Cavitation is currently the most revolutionary method of removing excess fatty layer. Millions of people around the world choose this method of modern medicine. This success is due to tremendous results - you will see the effect after the first procedure.

Every person always wants to be in shape. Someone is actively involved in sports, someone is draining themselves by endless diets, eating packets of drugs and nutritional supplements for additional weight loss. Gradually, a lot of tools for weight loss, and people increasingly resort to the professional services of modern beauty salons. And then there appeared an absolutely painless and effective method that allows obtaining results comparable to surgical removal of excess weight and cellulite.

Until recently, the only method available to immediately address the problem of fat removal was surgical liposuction, that is, liposuction, which was performed with the use of a surgical intervention and a vacuum device. And although it is not difficult, but the operation has its own "charm" - anesthesia, pain, postoperative recovery, etc. Now all this hatred can disappear quickly, painlessly and, most importantly, forever.

Indications for cavitation

Using the cavitation procedure, everyone can significantly reduce their fatty layer in the following problem areas: waist and abdomen; buttocks; Thighs, "ears"; Back and back of the neck; Shoulders, forearms, hands; knees.

Cavitation effect

The effect is immediately visible after the first procedure and is strengthened in the next few days. One cavitation procedure can reduce the waist up to 4-5 centimeters. In addition, these results persist for a long time. Cavitation is able to improve the whole and volume, but also can effectively fight cellulite: the orange peel is destroyed, and not only "aspirated" as in other procedures. After cavitation of the thighs and other problem areas, the skin becomes smooth and supple.

Description of the procedure

Each procedure works with 2 simmertic zones, each approximately 15 by 25 cm.

The duration of the cavitation procedure is 40 minutes

The repeated session can be conducted not earlier than in 7 days

The course of treatment, depending on the degree of the problem, consists of 3-10 procedures

If necessary, a second course is performed after 5-6 months

The procedure is recommended together with the procedure of lymphatic drainage massage.

A fixed period of time is recommended to avoid overloading the lymphatic system.

Recommendations before the cavitation procedure

- Do not drink alcohol for 3 days before the procedure

- For 3 days before the procedure, it is undesirable to eat fatty, fried and spicy foods to avoid overloading the liver and kidneys.

- Within 3 days before the procedure, you must drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day

- It is advisable to drink 1 liter of clean water 2-3 hours before the procedure.

These recommendations are valid after the cavitation procedure, and during the course. After the procedure for 2 or 3 days, you must drink at least 1 liter of clean water daily to speed up the removal of decay products from the body.


Since the fat cells decay products enter the bloodstream and are neutralized by the liver, with initial consultation of patients, we are primarily interested in whether or not they have serious liver diseases such as hepatitis. If the patient has problyms with the liver, then the method of non-surgical cavitation liposuction is unacceptable for him.

Also contraindications include:

- Pregnancy and lactation

- the period of the menstrual cycle

- chronic liver disease, hepatitis

- kidney disease, kidney failure, kidney stones

- disorders of the immune system and diseases of the cardiovascular system

- skin damage in the area of the procedure

- diabetes

- benign and malignant tumors

- osteoporosis

- an artificial pacemaker (pacemakers, etc.)

- prostheses, metal structures in the affected area

- umbilical hernia

The essence of the cavitation method

The device for non-operating cavitation liposuction Rubica, called a cavitation generator, is specially designed for medical centers and beauty salons, produces a low frequency of ultrasonic waves with some very stringent technological features (frequency, pressure and flow density). In fat cells this ultrasonic wave creates microbubbles, which, exploding, release energy that breaks the membranes of fat cells. What happens to the liberated "content"? The contents of cells enter the extracellular space and are safely excreted from the body through the lymphatic vessels.


In these small bubbles, there is great power. When they break, the pressure is 100 kg / cm². This energy acts solely on fat cells and destroys their membrane, releasing the accumulated liquid in them. When the membrane of a fat cell is destroyed, all its contents enter the extracellular space and are removed from the body in a natural way - 90% through the lymphatic system, while 10% is absorbed by the blood, becoming a glucose molecule, from which the body receives additional energy.

After the removal of the split products, the accumulation of fat in the area under consideration becomes impossible.

The decrease in volume occurs due to the destruction of fat, derived naturally. It does not affect the blood vessels, nerves or internal organs!

Continuous creation of microbubbles within the fluid, which subsequently explode, is called sustained cavitation. This physical process, which has never been used in aesthetic medicine, is the basis for the operation of the Rubica cavitation liposuction device, which are powerful generators of cavitation.

Cavitation conditions

Pressure - 0.6 kPa

The vibration frequency is from 39-41 kHz (thus a deeper effect is achieved - 8-10 cm).

Cavitation can be described as a process caused by ultrasound in a liquid or adipose tissue, when the energy release occurs due to the action of compression waves of a certain high pressure on a minimum area of 100 kg / cm2. This pressure stimulates and increases the metabolism between fat tissue and intracellular space, helping to drain excess fluid from adipose tissue to restore the original physiological balance.

Thus, this method gives the result of liposuction, but without surgical intervention. To speed up the process of removing fat decay products, you can do a lymph drainage massage.

Cavitation can permanently remove fat cells. This method destroys the membranes of fat cells and does not affect other cells of the human body.



The main advantages of ultrasonic liposuction devices are:

- Nonsurgical method of liposuction

- Lack of recovery period

- Rapid exposure (the result is visible right after the procedure),

- The minimum number of necessary procedures (usually 6-8 procedures within two months)

- High efficiency and the preservation of the result for a long time

- Does not require the use of medication

Apparatus cavitation (cavitation liposuction) affect solely the fat cells and cellulite, leaving intact other body cavities. This makes it possible to locally apply this method in problem areas of the body.

The cavitation device can not be used in areas close to bone tissue.

After the procedure, the patients experienced profuse urination as a result of natural removal of fatty tissue products from the body.

History of cavitation

The phenomenon of cavitation is known to mankind for almost 40 years. Its essence lies in the fact that the interaction of gas or liquid with ultrasonic waves causes the formation of microbubbles, which have a large potential energy. When the interaction process continues, the bubbles grow and explode. Scientists have faced this phenomenon as early as the beginning of the last century, but its subtle value was recognized only after decades.

The use of cavitation for removing fat deposits was first proposed by Italian scientists. They also conducted the first clinical studies in this issue.

The physical nature of the effect of cavitation on tissue is significantly different from the ultrasound treatment used in aesthetic medicine.

The phenomenon of cavitation - the formation of microbubbles - occurs only at certain frequencies (25-70 kHz), pressure (0.6 kPa) and flux density.

Thus the main active principle in cavitation is not an ultrasonic wave, but an energy released in the rupture of micro bubbles. In this case, the pressure on the surrounding tissue is not less than 100 kg / cm² (!). This fact causes a violation of the integrity of the membranes of fat cells.

At the same time, other cells and tissues (muscle fibers, epidermal cells, vessels, etc.) are not damaged by the action of cavitation, because they are relatively stable and have sufficient elasticity.

A lot of scientific research has been done, which convincingly proved the effectiveness and safety of cavitation. Therefore, you can be sure of the result.

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