Acid foot peeling


Acidual foot Peeling Callus Peel - is one of the most effective and gentle methods to combat keratinized skin cells. The acid foot peel procedure involves the use of a composition that contains alpha hydroxy acids, thanks to which the horny layers on the soles are very softened. After this, the composition is absolutely painless and gently removed with a dull plastic spatula.

The composition of the active substance is citric, tartaric and lactic acids. The procedure for acidic foot peeling is simple enough, fast and does not cause trouble to the client. Ready-made napkins for acidic exfoliating feet, impregnated with a solution of acids, put on the feet, wrapped with a film. After 15 minutes, the cornified layer is scraped off with a special blunt scraper and a nourishing cream applied to the skin.

Benefits of acidic foot peeling:

1. Greater efficiency - a quick and noticeable result is achieved after the first procedure;

2. Acid peeling of the feet is the safest kind of pedicure, which is performed without the use of traumatic instruments, thereby eliminating the risk of damage to the integrity of the skin;

3. Promotes regeneration of skin tissues at cracks, restores elasticity of the skin, exfoliates the coarsened cells of the stratum corneum, renews the epidermis, restores the protective acid mantle of the skin, regulates sweating, eliminates unpleasant odor.

It is worth noting that the acid peeling of the feet is devoid of the disadvantages of many other methods: it is not necessary to steam out the heels in the bath, hence the possibility of transmission of the fungal infection is completely excluded. A dull scraper does not damage the skin, cuts and wounds are not formed.

Despite the fact that the result after the first procedure will exceed all your expectations, for the skin of feet with manifestations of hyperkeratosis it is recommended that the procedure be performed every 2-3 weeks in conjunction with home care.

To maintain the effect obtained from the procedure, it is recommended to use Moisture Cream in home care. Thanks to the content of vitamin E, urea, essential oils of lavender and eucalyptus, it softens, moisturizes, regenerates and rejuvenates the skin. In addition, it has a deodorizing effect and maintains a normal level of skin hydration throughout the day.

Combining the procedures "Acid foot Peeling Callus Peel" in the SPA-Studio "Mei" (Krivoy Rog) with Moisture Cream at home, you very quickly get rid of the coarse skin of feet, corns and calluses.

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