Coconut body wrap "BOUNTY"

MEI SPA Studio kokosovoe obertivanie
Coconut wrap «BOUNTY» (Krivoy Rog) - it really is, "paradise pleasure"! A gentle aroma of coconut will take you to a sunny beach to the warm sea ...

The procedure of coconut wrap is simply created for thin and sensitive skin. Lekgi peeling massage gently cleanses the skin, coconut mask softens, nourishes the skin, heals microcracks and wounds. Nourishing and relaxing coconut wrap (Krivoy Rog) for the body. Rich in coconut pulp, a gentle coconut wrap offers a new texture for the ritual on the body and allows the skin to be filled with nutritional components of coconut. Coconut whipping is applied to the skin and gives it a light tenderness and velvety. Coconut is successfully used in cosmetology, revealing its rejuvenating properties. It promotes the regeneration of the skin and moisturizes it pekrasno. Coconut milk well tones up the skin, nourishes it and restores elasticity. Coconuts contain vitamins of group B and vitamin C, mineral salts, glucose, fructose and sucrose, sodium, and potassium, which are also necessary for the human body.

In the end - moistening with coke oil, which protects and smoothes the skin, due to its properties, create a protective film on the skin surface. Another advantage of coconut oil is its full absorption by the skin. Suitable for all skin types. Coconut oil, contained in coconut wrap, has strong antifungal and antibacterial properties that help fight skin infections. Unlike other oils, coconut oil does not clog pores, which makes it ideal for use as a moisturizer.


Effect: deep hydration, nourishment and softening of the skin, relaxation of the whole body - anti-stress effect.


Specialists of SPA-Studio "Mei" invite you to visit our spa and feel the beauty of coconut wrap.

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