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Eyebrows give each person a unique look. And the guarantee of their beauty is the most natural form! But there is nothing more terrible than an untouched natural form. Broad bushy eyebrows completely deprive your image of femininity and attractiveness.

On the contrary, the corrected and well-groomed eyebrows is a trump of each girl. In addition, Beautiful eyebrows are an excellent frame of our eyes. It is correctly modeled, beautiful, well-groomed eyebrows open your eyes, decorate and add freshness, make you younger and more attractive. Eyebrow correction can change the facial expression, gives you character, emphasizes the benefits and makes your look magically attractive. But remember that even the best make-up and eyelashes estention will "pale" look on the background of poorly adjusted eyebrows.

Each of us can have beautiful eyebrows. It is enough to give them a little attention. The main task is to give them the right shape. Therefore, if a girl can not correct herself to herself, it is better to contact our professionals. If you see flaws in your eyebrows, calm down, the specialists at SPA-Studio "Mei" will help you create the perfect shape, considering your eyes and face shape, and give your eyebrows the coveted color.

Types of eyebrow correction

There are several types of eyebrow correction. The most common is the removal of excess hairs by tweezers. This method is the most convenient and qualitative in execution. Using tweezers, you can remove even the smallest and shortest hair, as well as perfectly form the correct and beautiful shape of the eyebrows.

The next method is also very effective and is used in our salon very often - eyebrow correction with a thread. This procedure is more painful, because several hairs are removed and require high professionalism, but the huge plus is that all excess hair is removed including even fluff. If the client has very thick eyebrows and many thin hairs, it is best to remove excess threads and tweak tweezers. Hairs will grow much slower and less often. Correction of eyebrows should be performed 1 time in two weeks, as the hair grows much more noticeable.

If you want to have a beautiful, correct and attractive form of eyebrows and give them the desired color, sign up for May on eyebrow correction.

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