Massage Eastern fairy tale

Mei spa studio Vostochnaja skazka
The pace of modern life increasingly plunges us into everyday routine.

I want something emotional, colorful and a bit magical.

It's time to plunge into the world of oriental culture and let your body know the riddle of oriental relaxation.

That's why we have developed for you a special complex massage - Oriental Tale. For two hours you will feel the wonderful influence of the Spanish, Thai and Indian massage techniques that will lead your body, mind and soul to absolute harmony.

The procedure begins with a Spanish massage, which, thanks to its plastic movements, works out not only the upper tissues, but also the joints, and delivers to your muscles a full relaxation.

After an hour of Spanish massage, the massage therapist SPA-Studio "Mei" moves to separate energy centers - footsteps and head. They are given special attention in this massage. Applying the Thai method of reflex foot massage, the masseuse alternates with dynamic movements and acupuncture techniques, normalizing and intensifying the course of prana, the vital energy circulating in the human body. Proper stimulation of this energy saves you from stress, brings health, longevity and youth.

Indian head massage Ciampi completes the procedure. It changes your state of mind, affects the physical body, reveals and cleans the energy channels. Champi will save you from stress, fatigue, bad sleep and will give cheerfulness and good mood, and fragrant tea with flowers and pieces of fruit will be a perfect addition to your journey into the world of Oriental massage.

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