Male manicure

Manicured man's hands are considered a sign of financial sustainability and a career that has taken place.

Worthy expensive clothes, polished shoes and well-groomed hair can ruin a bad manicure. An increasing role is played by the beauty of the hands. And it's good, because people continue to strive for excellence. Hands can tell a lot - especially about men: the nature of the profession, habits, hobbies, personal characteristics - all this is written on the hands of a man. Therefore, the male client has the right to exist.

Like any other type of service, the manicure (Krivoy Rog) has its own technological features. Male manicure is primarily hygienic care, which must be performed every 14 days, as well as the quality and natural appearance of the nails after the procedure.

SPA-Studio MAY (Krivoy Rog) creates a feeling of psychological comfort for men. We offer a separate room for the procedure - an ideal option to rest. You will be offered, read "men's" magazines or have a cup of fragrant tea or coffee.

You can also polish nails. In this case, the master of SPA-Studio "Mei" (Krivoy Rog) uses a special polisher for man's manicure. Polishing has the effect of matte or glossy nails. It is she who helps to restore the nails. But you can not do it more than once a month, because excessive polishing can lead to burns (red spots) and to onycholysis (detachment of the nail plate from the nail bed).

There is no need to explain that a manicure or pedicure procedure is pleasant and relaxing. But a person who comes across a similar procedure for the first time, can feel some discomfort - so it is extremely important to create a good atmosphere. First of all, it concerns all sorts of trifles: fragrant candles, soft towels, fragrant oils, nutritious lotions with neutral perfume.

The fact that there is a certain stereotype that manicure is predominantly a female beauty service, many men take care of their hands with pleasure and perform a manicure systematically. This provides strong, healthy nails that are devoid of sharp edges. The use of any kind of polishing or coating is optional, but if the client wishes, it can be a part of this process.

Male manicure (Krivoy Rog), as a rule, begins with the filing of the length of the nail, using a thin nail file, since the nail is located close to the skin of the fingers.

Further, a manicure usually involves the use of a serum or softener that is applied around each nail. Then the hands will be dipped in a mixture with warm water and a mild exfoliating agent used to clean the area around the nails from particles of dirt and dust. Cuticles are removed with scissors, finishing the lateral ridges with noodles. After polishing is performed. And the most pleasant moment of man's manicure is massage of hands with lotion or cream, depending on the characteristics of your skin. Some men like to have a light layer of enamel to provide strength and healthy shine to the nails.

After performing the manicure at the SPA-Studio "Mei" (Krivoy Rog), you will become the owner of beautiful and well-groomed hands, in which it is appropriate to look and expensive phone, and a case with a million dollars, and the hand of a beloved woman.

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