Body wrap. Wrap. Objectives, milestones, and the effect of wraps

Wrap. Objectives, milestones, and the effect of the wraps.

What is the wrap what is its meaning and what benefits Your body it can bring. The wraps tone and tighten the skin, improve blood circulation, ease muscle and joint pain, detoxify the body and promote fat mobilization, and removal of excess fluid, which can be recycled and removed from the body by natural means.

What is the effect of wraps should wait for our customers?

The main purpose of the wraps is the removal of excess fat, water and other products of metabolism accumulated in the subcutaneous layer. The result of the wrapping is the significant reduction in the volume of the body already in a single treatment up to 3 cm , cellulite reduction, nutrition, toning and lifting the skin and improving the tone of blood vessels.

Stages of body wraps

In the process of wrapping can be divided into two stages: adsorption of water and products of metabolism from the body, and the second stage compression/compaction of the tissues.

In the first stage, through the open pores of the skin, the removal of water and toxic products of metabolism from the subcutaneous layer. There are several types of materials that can actively pull the fluid and toxins from the body: sea clay, seaweed, herbs, minerals, and aloe Vera. The result wraps depends on the components of the wraps. For example, when using sea mud, skin will be dry for several days, but the effect is "reduce the volume" in the case of its application will be significant, and wraps with seaweed in addition to reduce the volume and still actively affect the skin.

The most optimal procedure wraps are originalsolitaire mixture, those, one of the main component of which is a extracts and extracts of algae. These types of wraps effectively impact on the problem areas of the body, tones and improves skin tension, eliminate toxins and slags, promote cellulite reduction.

After the first phase wraps starts the second - stage compression seals tissue, at this stage there is cherished a decrease in the body.

This reduction is a direct consequence of the removal of excess water and metabolic products from the "pockets" between the cells. The cells of the body as if pressed against each other, this process is massive, that's why the result of even one or two treatments may be to reduce the volume of the body in 1-2-3 inches. The cells of the body, who spent some time in a cramped position, even after the wraps are starting to observe a new order of his "tight" locations. This explains the durability of effect from this kind of procedures.

Normal is the active sweating of the patients during the procedure, we recommend that their patients actively drinking mineral water or green tea during this time. Water drunk by You during the procedure, used by the body for other purposes, it is not the water, the excess of which we remove during the wrap, so You can consume the needed amount of water without fear that the lost inches to return.

The components of the mixtures for wraps

Simple recipes for wraps is a mixture of clay and salt. More complex recipes contain herbal extracts, essential oils, nutritional components. Chip wraps in our salon is a seaweed body wrap Cocoon.

Wrap a "Cocoon" mainly aimed at the removal of toxins and metabolic products from the subcutaneous layer, and excretion of excess fluid, which leads to the most significant volume reduction. The supporting cast of "Cocoon" - kelp, minerals, essential oils, bio-components - actively nourish the skin during the procedure, stimulating its tone and natural facelift. One wrap "Cocoon" includes the following treatments: peeling of the skin, applying a special bioactivation, in fact body wrap, lymphatic drainage massage and application of moisturizing emulsion.

Our tips for those who decided to make the wrap

1. Drink plenty of water before and after the wrap, this will help clean Your body from toxins and mobilizing fat.
2. Keep a glass of water next to you to enjoy during your vacation.
3. Try to avoid caffeine, greasy and fried foods, overly carbonated drinks, thereby You will prolong the effect of the implemented procedures.

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