Facial rejuvenation without surgery is the most popular technique

Have you ever lied about your age?
Have you already been performed for 29 years?

In a world where youth and beauty today are synonymous with modern culture, Women are afraid to grow old. We observe how our children grow, see the age of our parents, feel how our bodies change and see the appearance of wrinkles on the face, the increase in pigmentation, see how our skin loses its tone, becomes drier and less elastic.

Despite public perceptions and the media, there may be biological reasons for fearing old age, such as fear of approaching death or weakness of the body. Our ideas about beauty are influenced by the ability of a woman to bear childbearing, making young people more attractive on an evolutionary scale. Nevertheless, the fear of aging in women is most likely connected with the thought that we become invisible when we grow older. We grow older and lose our importance in the eyes of others.

But thanks to modern cosmetology, for us today there are many rejuvenating procedures available. They return to your skin youthfulness and elasticity without surgery and surgical intervention. Non-surgical facial rejuvenation naturally restores the level of collagen in the skin, which is lost with time. It is collagen that makes our skin taut, elastic and elastic.

What modern procedures of non-surgical facial rejuvenation you can get at SPA-Studio "Mei"?

Hardware techniques

Laser carbon peeling

MEI SPA Studio carbon peel 2 

This procedure is similar to magic, but this is only technology of the 21st century. Laser carbon peeling restores damaged skin almost in its original state. Laser resurfacing allows the restoration of broken molecular bonds, thereby eliminating scar tissue, wrinkles, blotch, enlarged pores and even stretch marks. The effectiveness of laser carbon peeling has been confirmed by a number of clinical trials. For you, the fact that you notice the positive effect after the first procedure is also important, and it is completely non-invasive. Laser carbon peeling is an excellent alternative to plastic surgery.

- you get a smooth, elastic, radiant skin;
- eliminate wrinkles, increase the production of collagen;
- narrow the pores;
- get rid of acne and inflammation;
- you can immediately return to your daily business without a rehabilitation period.

Radiofrequency lifting (RF-lifting)

RF-lifting (RF-lifting) is applied to the face and body. The RF-lifting device provides controlled heating of tissues to the required depth to stimulate the bearing structures of the face and body. Radio frequency penetrates deep layers of the skin where collagen fibers are located. Heating collagen fibers eads to their twisting, which, in turn, causes a lifting effect. An important effect of RF-lifting is the stimulation of the production of new collagen. This increases the lifting effect and makes it more durable. SPA-Studio "Mei" has devices of multipolar, bipolar and monopolar RF-lifting with contact cooling, which makes the procedures for correction of the face and body very comfortable and effective. The procedure is painless and many of our clients just fall asleep on it.

- natural face and neck skin lifting;
- improvement of blood circulation and skin tone;
- reduction of fine and deep wrinkles;
- modeling and lifting of the abdomen after pregnancy;
- increase the elasticity of the skin;
- modeling of the contours of the body;
- treatment of cellulite;
- reduction of adipose tissue.

Myostimulation of the face

Mei SPA Studio miostimuliatsia 4

We all know that our face has a muscular skeleton that works predominantly in the ascending direction. And, unfortunately, most muscles are used extremely rarely. In young people these muscles have a good tone and volume. But when we grow old, not only the skin weakens. Since we very rarely use the majority of facial muscles, they begin and can no longer hold on to the skin of the face. Muscles begin to lengthen. In this situation, many resort to surgical facelift to tighten or shorten the ligaments that support the muscles. However, such procedures are performed only surgically under general anesthesia. They have a lot of side effects and a very long rehabilitation period.

But there is another way. You can strengthen your muscles and avoid dangerous operations. This can be done by myostimulation of the face. A special device acts on your muscles with the aid of microcurrents, causing their contraction and thickening.

Also, microcurrents provide a deeper penetration of useful substances introduced into the skin during cosmetic procedures. Regular use of myostimulation facial improves metabolism, restores tone to the weakened flaccid muscles, normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands. And a very important factor for face rejuvenation is that microcurrents trigger the synthesis of new collagen and elastin fibers, strengthen the "skeleton" of the skin and provide a natural facelift. Similarly, myostimulation of the face increases the content of ATP and amino acids in cells, both of these factors accelerate cellular regeneration.

- Improves muscle tone in the face, neck and décolleté;
- Smoothes wrinkles;
- Lifts the skin, increases its elasticity;
- Normalizes skin color, reduces puffiness, removes age-related dryness and signs of skin fading;
- Removes dark circles and bags under the eyes;
- Stimulates the formation of the collagen and elastin "frame" of the face;
- Corrects the age-related changes in the face oval, eliminates the second chin, makes a circular facelift;
- Strengthens the tissues of the upper eyelid.

E-light facial rejuvenation

This procedure is also called ELOS facial rejuvenation or IPL + RF facial rejuvenation.

MEI SPA Studio Omologenie 4

E-Light rejuvenation devices use a technology called ELOS. It combines optical (IPL - intensive pulsating light) and radiofrequency (RF) effects to produce stunning, stable results.

E-Light facial rejuvenation is effective for:
- smoothing wrinkles;
- lifting (lifting) the skin;
- rejuvenation of the skin of the face, chest, hands and even the stomach and buttocks;
- elimination of pigmentation, vascular defects (asterisks, mesh) and redness of the face;
- smoothing the complexion;
- narrowing of pores;
- treating acne and eliminating traces of acne and acne;
- Elimination of stretch marks and flabbiness of the skin.

Plastic surgery, due to its features, causes people more and more fears and is becoming less popular. This is also associated with the rapid development of hardware cosmetology, which has effective methods of non-surgical rejuvenation of the face, which have no complications, a rehabilitation period and side effects. Their results are predictable and obvious. You restore the level of collagen, which gives your skin softness, elasticity, elasticity, moisturizes it and makes it very beautiful both when you touch it and when you look at it.

Injectable non-surgical facial rejuvenation

With this rejuvenation, people make injections of various drugs, vitamins and nutrients. This type of facial rejuvenation is carried out without long preparation of the patient and application of general anesthesia. It is done almost without pain and rehabilitation.


This is one of the types of injectable facial rejuvenation. With mesotherapy, microinjections of individually selected pharmaceutical or homeopathic preparations, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes are performed in the mesoderm - or middle layer of the skin. These very small doses of substances are injected with thin needles in specific areas that need treatment. Mesotherapy is effective if you want to: remove deep or superficial wrinkles, improve facial tone and increase collagen production, remove dryness and flabbiness of the skin, improve complexion, etc.

Non-injection oxygen mesotherapy derma OXY

SPA Studio MEI mezoterapija

SPA Studio MEI mezoterapija Derma OXY Oxygen Mesotherapy Procedure includes three elements that allow you to achieve instant and stunning results:
1. Pure oxygen under a small pressure, created by the infusor (a special nebulizer), delivers the active substances to the skin, while at the same time, providing the skin with a cooling and soothing effect.
2. Unique serums containing low-molecular hyaluronic acid and a powerful combination of vitamins and antioxidants. Hyaluronic acid instantly moisturizes your skin, leads to increased elasticity, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, improves the contours of the face and the general condition of the skin.
3. Derma OXY products for home care are highly effective, they fill the skin with nutrients to maximize synergies and more sustainable results.

Advantages of using derma OXY:
- without surgical intervention;
- no injections;
- innovative whey, optimizing the skin, increasing the production of collagen and elastin;
- visible effect in just 20 minutes.

All these techniques are available to you in the SPA-Studio "Mei".

Our methodology is based on an integrated approach to the problem. The most important thing is to work with the skin layer by layer. It is necessary to determine: how much the muscle tone of the face has lost? What is the depth of wrinkles? Is there a change in complexion? Are the pores enlarged? And after complete skin diagnosis, our beauticians will select for you the most effective program for face rejuvenation. And also, to fix the positive effect, they will select for you complex facial care at home, so that the results will please you for a very long time.

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