Manual massage

Hand massage ( Krivoy Rog ) used in various modifications, has the technique, indications and contraindications. This type of massage is the most ancient means of pain relief.

Especially increased role of manual massage recently. Under the influence of massage faster resolve edema, hemorrhage in the tissues, decrease pain, improve nutrition of tissues, functions of joints and muscles, normalize metabolic processes.

Hand massage has a General and local impact. With a total massage in Krivoy Rog , can massage on the whole body or most of it, at the local (private) — separate areas: back, head, legs, forearms and other massage Techniques: stroking, squeezing, kneading, rubbing, vibration and movement, i.e., adhered to the classic style of massage. The technique of massage developed specifically for a particular client.


- Hand massage ( Krivoy Rog ) as any other type of massage, the correct choice of techniques and methods of their use, with proper dosage has beneficial effects on the entire body.

Massage accompanied by a pleasant feeling of warmth throughout the body, improving General well-being massaged, increasing his vitality.

- Thanks to this massage you can raise or lower the overall neural excitability of the massaged, to put into action almost lost reflexes, improve trophic tissues, the activity of many internal organs.

- With this type of massage can improve the functioning of pathways, strengthen the reflex connections of muscles, internal organs, blood vessels from the cerebral cortex.

- Manual massage has a positive effect on the peripheral nervous system. He is able to ease or eliminate pain, improve nerve conduction, speed up the process of its recovery if damaged, prevent, reduce the formation of secondary changes in joints and muscles in the area of nerve damage.

Massage ( Krivoy Rog ) improves the condition of skin and podkopayevoy fiber. It helps to cleanse the skin from dead skin cells is shed, various foreign particles in its pores, from living on the surface of microbes. In addition, it normalizes the function of sebaceous and sweat glands, clearing them of the hole from the secret, activates blood and lymph circulation of skin, thereby improving its nutrition. All this makes the skin supple, pink and velvety, strengthens its resistance to temperature and mechanical stress. Hand massage improves skin and muscle tone, making the skin becomes elastic, smooth and dense.

- Massage influences and action of capillaries of the skin. It promotes expansion of the capillaries and the disclosure of reserve capillaries. As a result, not only massaged area, but remote from the sites it is best to start blood supply, increases gas exchange between tissue and blood.

Massage has a positive effect on the General circulation of the body. It improves the movement of blood through the arteries, accelerates blood outflow on veins.

Massage improves the circulation of lymph. Under the influence of massage is unobstructed emptying of lymphatic vessels.

- Massage increases the elasticity of muscle fibers, slows down their atrophy and reduces malnutrition, improve their contractile function.

- In addition, massage increases the flow of oxygen to muscle fibers. Thanks to him, increases efficiency of the muscles.

Massage ( Krivoy Rog ) affects the overall metabolism. It contributes to an increase in blood the number of erythrocytes, leucocytes, hemoglobin.


Form of exposure to this massage ( Krivoy Rog ) is divided into public and private. In General form, the massage is performed on all parts of the body, but particular attention is paid to those areas that are associated with a specific disease. Massage therapies at least 50-70 minutes a day, series or every day depending on the disease and its clinics. When the private form of massage only massaged parts of the body e.g. arm, leg, back, hand, joint, etc. the duration of the session depends on what part of the body is exposed to massage. A session can last from 3 to 30 minutes. Private massage is performed by the method of General massage, is done more carefully with a kneaded body of a large number of techniques.

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