Samurai massage with bamboo brooms

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Samurai massage with bamboo brooms is the oldest Japanese massage technique, aimed at deep relaxation of the muscles of the body, improving blood circulation, relieving muscle tension, relieving pain and stress.

Samurai massage with bamboo brooms is based on a complex effect on biologically active points and energy meridians of a person with the help of a broom of bamboo sticks.

Bamboo broom is an environmentally friendly massager, which, combined with a rhythmic technique of influence, has a stimulating effect on the body as a whole. Very good relieves muscle and nervous tension. Eliminates stress, helps to relax. Massage activates the work of the circulatory and lymphatic systems, reduces pain in the joints and spine. Improves lymph flow, accelerates metabolic processes throughout the body. In addition, it normalizes the energy state, increases immunity.

Bamboo brooms and bamboo sticks were used by samurais who used this massage technique for quick and effective recovery after a fight. Brooms for massage are made of bamboo. According to ancient Buddhist traditions, bamboo - a symbol of longevity and grace, in addition to numerous healing properties, is a unique plant capable of restoring the balance of yin and yang energy in the body. It is indicated for mental and physical overwork. Well relaxes and is an excellent gift for a loved one.

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