SPA manicure


Spa manicure is one of the procedures that provides comprehensive care for hands and feet, with a large number of steps - an aromatic salt, hydrating mask, hot towel wrap, massage oil or paraffin wrap. The main difference from the classic manicure is a Spa manicure a few steps: scrubs, masks, massages and integral plus the effect of the manicure lasts longer than just hygienic processing fingers. After the Spa manicure You can choose any type of nail artа, which will give Your nails a personality. This Spa treatment will make Your hands and nails are not only beautiful, but also give You a full luxury experience.

Why a Spa manicure is more expensive?

You pay for more beautiful, unique treatment for hands and feet. Instead of the usual manicure and nail painting, You get a comfortable procedure on a comfortable chair in a quiet area with aroma candles, pleasant music and relaxing tea, and a good design. Surroundings and pleasant procedure can help to turn off thoughts and completely forget about the earthly worries.

You can be sure that the professionals have extensive experience and will be able to provide You with high quality of our services. They can shape the nails, massage with nourishing oils to offer the perfect coverage for your nails, do a massage.

Before You begin with this relaxing manicure treatments, Your hands and nails must pass a number of preparatory stages.

For hands, make the tray with aroma-oils, sea salt and aromatic liquid soap to make the skin and cuticles soft. The duration of taking bath is 5 minutes. Before taking bath you can enjoy reading or just close your eyes and relax.
After your hands are clean gentle scrub with different scents to suit your taste. This is done in order to remove dead skin cells from the hands as hands are one of the most vulnerable parts of the body exposed to sun, dirt, sweat. After the scrub is removed and oil is applied on the nails and the cuticle, which is left for 5 minutes.

Once absorbed the oil, the next step is applying a mask on the whole hand with a brush. The mask is maintained for some time. The Spa manicure is done to moisturize the skin and protect it from all external factors such as dirt and dust. Vitamin E in the mask nourishes the skin and gives it a glow. After 15 minutes, the mask is removed, flexing his hands.

The last step includes applying hand cream, ointment or lotion according to skin type.

The Spa manicure at the request of the client can be used paraffin. Paraffin bath are a popular way to not only take care of the skin, but also treat diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, dry skin. The effect is visible already after the first procedure.

The final stage will be making the free edge of the nail shape, the nail can be sanded and polished to a Shine. Grinding helps to remove the dead layer of cells, especially after applying a colouring of varnishes. After polishing the nails are uniformly matte. Polishing – a kind of "smoothing" of the nail plate with the help of special saws. Polishing is not just adds Shine to the nails, it is absolutely necessary, as it stimulates blood circulation, activates hair growth, it removes the yellowness, unevenness visually makes the nail healthy.

SPA is a technology designed to relax clients, maintain and extend the result of the nail Polish, preventing peeling nails and strengthen them. SPA is a technology which has the potential to replace traditional methods of nail service.

Luxury SPA manicure makes the nails healthy and beautiful, and You - more happy and contented life!

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