SPA massage

SPA massage in Mei

In the rhythm of the modern age, stress, physical and mental stress have become a familiar phenomenon for almost all of us. Financial crises, personal problems, workload, aggressive social environment - all these factors bring stress and stress into our lives, the consequences of which can sometimes be very difficult to overcome. Often, even without physical exertion, stress makes us look exhausted and sluggish. You can not sleep well even, if as follow do not relax.

People try to cope with these difficulties in different ways. Someone finds an outlet in caffeine or alcohol, painkillers or sleeping pills. However, such methods do not remove the cause of stress, but only dull it for a while.

Sometimes you want to take and close from everyone and do nothing! But do not rush to isolate yourself from others, just take yourself a little time - sign up for a massage in Mei! After all, the spa massage is designed just to relieve stress and complete relaxation.

SPA massage is a gentle massage that uses sliding movements to help you relax. Masseuse SPA-Studio Mei moves slowly and uses lighter pressure in combination with natural oils. During this massage, you simply go into yourself or fall asleep, restoring your strength and clarity of mind.

Massage begins from the back. Further the masseuse moves downwards on your body up to tips of legs or foots. She pays particular attention to stress zones in the neck and shoulders. A massage of the head and hands takes you to a world of peace and tranquility.

SPA massage stimulates sensory nerve endings of the skin, which transmit signals through the nervous system and stimulate the brain to produce endorphins - hormones of happiness. They are also a natural pain killer for our organisms, creating a feeling of well-being and happiness. Blood pressure decreases, heart rate slows down, and digestive activity increases.

Concentrate on your breathing and confident movements of the hands of the masseuse. Then the massage will turn into meditation for you. You can even fall asleep, and the relaxation of mind and body will be even deeper.

After a spa massage, leave a little time to sit comfortably in our rest area and drink a special herbal tea with fresh fruit. This will be an excellent addition to your relaxation.

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