SPA Ritual Golden luxury

СПА ритуал Золотая Роскошь

Mei SPA Studio presents you a truly royal ritual for real ladies.

According to legend, it was 24-karat gold that gave Cleopatra unsurpassed beauty and long youth. The queen constantly used masks, scarves and body wraps. Due to this, historians describe her as a woman of incredible beauty and charm.

Especially for you, we have developed the Golden Luxury ritual, which begins with exquisite golden sand peeling. Small flickering particles remove dead skin and make it soft and velvety like a baby’s.

Warm drops of soul wash gold dust off your smooth legs, and then you plunge into the gentle arms of a fragrant, golden mousse. A stunning wrap exalts you to the pinnacle of bliss and gives a feeling of greatness and euphoria. The skin instantly acquires royal smoothness and beautiful radiance.

With smooth, soft movements, your face is covered with a golden mask, which gives instant lifting and youthful skin. After 20 minutes, you get a completely new, stunning appearance.

It is in the moments of embrace of luxurious gold that incredible relaxation catches you. Indeed, at this moment, the gentle fingers of massage therapists are immersed in your luxurious curls, and you feel the wonders of Indian head massage “Champi”.

The light heating of the blanket gives complete relaxation to all muscles and prepares the body for the most amazing massage techniques brought from the Far East.

Two and a half hours will give you a complete renewal of body and soul. Each movement of the massage therapist will reveal to you the most secret desires and grandiose plans, you just have to listen to yourself ...

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