Wedding manicure

A wedding is one of the most exciting events in the life of every girl. Charming bride in a foamy white dress with deliciously tender veil, beautiful manicure and joyfully upbeat mood.

All couples without exception dream of having their wedding become something special and remembered for a lifetime.

What does the bride need on this day to feel 100% ?! Perhaps, a significant role is played by the wedding manicure, since it is the hands that are the main part of your image. It is on one of the refined fingers of the hand that the wedding ring will sparkle. Probably, no girl would not want her image messed up broken or chopped nails - they must be in perfect shape! A wedding is only one day, but it should be remembered for life.

It is necessary to carefully prepare for this event. A quality wedding manicure can do wonders for your hands and nails. SPA-Studio "Mei" (Krivoy Rog) services of a high-end wedding manicure.

A stylish manicure can help you make your image more refined. We will help you to choose a wedding manicure that perfectly fits into your day and created atmosphere.

Classic French manicure


The French manicure (Krivoy Rog) is a classic, the perfectly white edge of the nail and the glossy nail coating are the epitome of refinement in the image. The French manicure can be done on your natural nails, or if your nails are fragile and brittle, we suggest building up a French manicure with acrylic or gel. This will help you bring your nails in perfect shape and not worry about the spoiled form of nails. In addition, if you want to complement the French manicure, give a highlight, you can decorate your nails with artistic painting, floral motifs on your fingertips. Or to give refined shine with the help of Swarovski stones.

Bright, colored manicure

For a bright, flirtatious bride we will help you choose the bright of the nails, which will harmonize with the flowers in your wedding bouquet. Try experimenting with different colors to decide which ones are right for you. You can be sure that to focus attention enough small color elements. They can be acrylic roses or effectively selected color pattern.


Natural manicure

Some brides want to look as natural as possible on their holiday. In this case, a good solution will be the processing of the cuticle of the fingers, shaping the nails and coating the nails with a varnish with a natural shade.


It is worth remembering that it is necessary to take care of the wedding manicure in advance. First you need to put your hands in order. This will help Spa-manicure, paraffin therapy and massage. Such procedures are carried out in a complex way - approximately 4-6 times a day, the last procedure is better done on the eve of the wedding.

Depending on your preferences and the condition of the nails, you can do a manicure or build-up. Manicure should be done 3-4 days before the wedding celebration, but with varnish and design the day before. Grow nails is 5-7 days before the wedding, in order to get used to their length and shape. Wedding design is better to think in advance, about 2 weeks before the wedding is to consult our master (SPA-Studio "Mei" Krivoy Rog). And do not forget to bring along a photo of the dress and accessories.

Before the triumph, make sure that your nails are in perfect condition and you should not spare any time, as everyone will want to look at your ring. On this day you should be proud of your own hands. Do not forget, you must have fun on your wedding day! And remember, even if the guests did not notice your manicure, you will remember about it when you leaf through photos after the wedding. Do not neglect this part of the preparation before the wedding!

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