Learn how to remove wrinkles and prolong youth in one week

The aging of our skin is inevitable. With age, the skin condition gradually deteriorates. It loses moisture, volume and elasticity, which leads to boring, dry, thinner and more fragile skin. Healing or regeneration slows down. We easily get bruises. Thin lines, wrinkles and pores become more noticeable and deeper. All these signs tell us that it's time to fight against aging. And thanks to modern advanced technologies it became possible to delay the aging process for a long time.

PDRN from BR Pharm is the newest anti-aging and skin treatment product from South Korea. It contains a polynucleotide (PN), an improved form of polydeoxyribonucleotide, which has a remarkable ability to regenerate skin and tissues. PDRN has long been used as a tissue repair agent for some dermatological damage, such as ulcers and burns.

In recent studies published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences in 2016, Korean doctors found that patients receiving intradermal PDRN injections demonstrated improved pigmentation and overall bleaching of the skin.

How does PDRN help your skin?

PDRN is a vital component that does not occur with regular skin care products. By including this important component in the skin, you start a powerful natural process of its regeneration. It removes age-related changes (wrinkles, crow's feet, circles under the eyes), and also gives your skin a healthy appearance and helps to resist aging in the future, providing your skin with good protection from harmful environmental factors and lifestyle. The company BR Pharm has preparations with different content of PDNH - 0.5%, 1% and 2%. This allows you to remove from your face both small wrinkles, and deep facial wrinkles.

ПДРН в Мэй

How is the procedure performed?

First, the skin is cleansed and an anesthetic cream is applied. PDRN BR Pharm is introduced into the inner layer of the skin using a series of microinjections located approximately 1 cm apart. This allows to increase the penetration of PDRN into the dermis.

ПДРН в Мэй папулы после процедуры

Is the procedure painful?

Anesthetic cream minimizes any pain or discomfort. A local anesthetic analgesic agent can be added to PN / PDRN to further reduce discomfort. The whole procedure is easily portable.

Are there any side effects?

PN is very gentle to the skin and has virtually no adverse reactions. After the procedure, there may be minimal traces of the needle, redness, or bruising, but they last for several days. The next day you can return to your daily life.

What will PRDM give to my skin?

After the first procedure, you will notice that the skin becomes more elastic, moistened with fewer lines and wrinkles. The positive effect increases over the next few sessions. The texture and tone of the skin will gradually improve. Wrinkles and lines become less noticeable. PRONS also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

Effects of using PDRN BR Pharm:

- removes wrinkles, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, makes it healthy and supple
- whitens skin and improves complexion
- removes pigmentation and age spots
- heals traces of pimples and injuries
- narrows the pores
This is an excellent anti-aging therapy, as it has powerful regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties that help you in healing, regenerating and renewing the skin.

ПДРН в Мэй результат после 1 недели

How often do you need to carry out procedures?

For optimal results, the initial course of procedures is recommended 3 times in 3-4 weeks. After an intensive course of treatment, you can repeat the treatment every 4-6 months to further maintain and improve the quality of your skin.

Injection of a polynucleotide (PDRN) in SPA-Studio Mei. Result of procedures.

ПДРН результат процедур

ПДРН в Мэй результат процедур

ПДРН в Мэй результат процедур

ПДРН в Мэй результат процедуры

ПДРН в Мэй результат процедур

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