Radio frequency lifting - price

the Latest generation of devices multipolar radio wave lifting (RF lifting Krivoy Rog) is a new and promising technology for non-surgical lifting flabby or saggy skin. Technology radiolifting great for 30 – 50-year-old patients. Radio wave lifting ( Krivoy Rog ) suitable for face and body. RF lifting can also be used together with cavitation (ultrasonic liposuction) to tighten the skin in areas of destruction of fat tissue and cellulite after cavitation.


How does radio radio frequency lifting ( RF lifting )?


Radiolifting is based on the ability of high frequency electromagnetic waves to heat the dermis and subcutaneous fat to 39-42 degrees Celsius, which is a short distance from the working probe, the energy supply. In the result, the collagen fibers are compacted and compressed, and the skin is tightened from the inside.

RF lifting also stimulates the body's production of new collagen. The lifting effect continues for 3-6 months.

Radio frequency lifting ( Krivoy Rog ) also stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow. This helps to improve the supply of oxygen to the skin and removing toxins to reduce the effects of aging.


Radiolifting is used to treat the following cosmetic problems:

signs of aging

the sagging tissues

- lowered the tone of the tissues.


excess body fat


What is the effect of the procedure of radio wave lifting (RF lifting)?


natural skin tightening of the face and neck

- reduced fine lines and wrinkles

- improvement of blood circulation and tones the skin

- improve skin elasticity

- simulation and a tummy tuck after pregnancy

- cellulite treatment

- cutting the fat

- modeling of the body contours


What is the duration of treatment?


the Required number of treatments depends on the age, condition, desired result and the required length of time for which the patient wants to achieve. The number of procedures for each patient individually, but most people need 6-10 treatments. Times of sessions will vary depending on the region where the procedure is performed.


What are the contraindications in the procedure of radio wave lifting?


To the contraindications and limitations include:

- pregnancy

- damage to the skin in the area of the procedure

- metal plates

- the presence of a pacemaker (pacemaker)


What are the advantages of RF lifting (radio wave lifting)?


the advantages of radio wave facelift include:

- radio Wave lifting ( Krivoy Rog ) is a non-invasive and non-traumatic, does not require anesthesia or cooling of the skin. Patients who have tried radiolifting, natural-looking, young, no mechanical effect of stretched skin are not violated facial features, not change the shape of the eyes.

- Radiowave facelift-this procedure is called "lunch break", i.e. there is no rehabilitation period.

- radio Wave lifting is compatible with other techniques: mesopotania, photorejuvenation, peels, biorevitalization, etc.

- the Effect of radiofrequency facelift is cumulative, which continues for several months and lasts for several years. The skin under the influence of temperature “sits” as a natural fabric from the hot water, its appearance becomes younger, because physiological properties and processes improve, and regenerative processes begin to work with renewed vigor.

is Used for the face and body.

- radio Wave lifting is used at any time of the year.

is Not addictive.


the Cost of service of radio wave lifting (RF-lifting)




procedure Name

Time minutes

Cost, UAH.


radio frequency lifting the chest



2 8-polar vacuum radio frequency body lifting. One area (inner thighs, arms , stomach, back) 20 580
3 Vacuum body radiolifting Designed specifically for tightening sagging skin and eliminating excess body volumes. A painless way to find the shape of your dreams. A light warmth will warm the skin and remove the orange peel of cellulite. The body becomes smaller in volume, and the skin becomes elastic. 60 900

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