Professional teeth whitening system BEYOND

 OtbelivanieSPA-Studio "Mei" offers on the market of aesthetic dentistry in Ukraine (Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov) a system for the office teeth whitening "BEYOND Whitening Accelerator", toothpaste whitening tooth "Beyond Pearl White". Manufacturer corporation "Beyond Dental & Health", USA.

Professional teeth whitening system “BEYOND Whitening Accelerator”.

The intense blue light of the Beyond Teeth Whitening System activates the actual developed tooth whitening formula containing hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and 20-nanometer silicon dioxide (SiO2), along with other special formulations. A half-hour procedure quickly oxidizes the pigmentation of 16 or more teeth, restoring their natural whiteness. After teeth whitening with the Beyond system, the patients have a tooth color improvement of more than 8 shades.

In the system of teeth whitening "BEYOND" for light cabinet whitening, short intense waves of blue light are used, the length of which is 480-520 nanometers. Light is filtered through 12 000 fibers, the total length of which is 1 mile and, at the end, through two optical lenses are covered with more than 30 protective layers, completely eliminating harmful infrared and ultraviolet rays.

Thanks to the newest optical technologies, the Beijond tooth whitening device works at lower temperatures than similar devices, avoiding irritation of the nerve endings of the teeth. The thirty-minute process is effective for whitening teeth that are darkened from smoking or from consuming beverages such as coffee and tea. The cabinet bleaching system also whitens teeth that have lost natural whiteness from the use of tetracycline or are stained with fluoride stains.Mei SPA Studio otbelivanie 4

A well-designed machine takes up little space. The system is waterproof and easy to operate. The device "Beijond" for light cabinet bleaching of teeth works at a low-voltage current (21 volts), taking care of safety of ability to live. The digital timer shows the process stages and automatically suspends operation of the device when the teeth whitening process is completed. The cooling system allows the machine to work most efficiently. The memory chip records the total usage time of the BEYOND device.

Teeth whitening kits "BEYOND" contain a gel for teeth whitening made according to a special formula in the applicator with two syringes. This advanced formula not only significantly reduces the sensitivity of teeth after the bleaching procedure, it is better than other products to whiten their teeth, but also gives them a natural shine.

You can whiten your teeth in our salon and make sure of the effectiveness of the BEYOND cabinet whitening system.


For more detailed acquaintance with this system of whitening, we suggest carrying out one bleaching procedure in your office on your patient!

The duration of the procedure is 30 minutes.!

About 450 prestigious clinics of Ukraine already use our system!

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