Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid

Juicy lush lips, like an elegant silhouette, are the ideal of feminine beauty. In addition, they are a symbol of passion and a magnet of attraction for the fascinated looks of men. It is for these reasons that all girls dream of having expressive lush sponges.

The procedure for lip augmentation is to inject drugs with the content naturally present in the human body of hyaluronic acid, which has long been used in various branches of medicine (orthopedics, rheumatology and even ophthalmology) in the form of a thick gel.

Our salon employs experienced cosmetologists who will help you decide on the drug used and the specifics of the procedure. It all depends on your expectations. You can have enlarged lips gently, or very significantly, just like the screen stars do.

Enough to dream of beautiful expressive lips.

Sign up for contour lip surgery right now! Your lips are worthy of it!

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