Orange wrapping

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For centuries, an orange is considered a symbol of the sun, fertility and vitality. And from time immemorial, its fruits and flowers are used in cosmetology. In antiquity, with an orange, baths were made to improve mood. Also in perfumery essential oils from flowers and peel of orange were applied.

Later, orange fruit was used in folk medicine. Orange contains a huge amount of vitamins, including a lot of vitamin C and vitamins A, B, B12, R and mineral salts. It is also rich in peptides and fiber, which help reduce cholesterol and help you lose weight. Pregnant girls are useful to eat more oranges, since they have a lot of folic acid and potassium.

For whom is an orange wrap?

The procedure of orange wrapping in Krivoy Rog is designed to relieve not only physical but also emotional stress. Wrapping with orange improves cellular metabolism, restores and nourishes tired skin. One kind of orange can lift the mood, and the wrap works real miracles! Your skin "breathes" in a new way, because it is protonized, moistened and nourished. The body gets wonderful lightness and a huge charge of positive emotions.

The body wrap is made up of 100% of the natural components: the coal (white clay), the oat extract and the micronized peel of the sweet orange. Orange restores turgor, firmness, tone, elasticity of your skin. Sweet orange oil removes toxins from the body, relieves depression and fatigue, improves efficiency, effectively fights against cellulite.

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The aroma of orange is a wonderful remedy for depression. It refreshes your perception and helps you to taste the taste of life.

Orange wrappings - stages of the procedure

Orange wrap consists of three stages. Initially, massage therapists SPA-Studio "MEI" make you a whole body peeling. After peeling, an orange mask is applied and you are wrapped in a special thermal blanket, in which you will spend 15-40 minutes relaxing with pleasant thoughts about the procedure. After that, the remnants of the mask are removed from the body. At the end of the massage, a special moisturizing nourishing cream with notes of cinnamon is applied with special massage movements. Such triunity provides the maximum - relaxation of the soul and body, moisturizing and nourishing the skin. And then your radiant skin can be congratulated on the second birth.

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