Mei SPA Studio nutrition 2

Our goal is to help people live a healthy and productive life. We promote the strength and health without unnecessary drugs and surgery. The SPA-Studio "Mei", we develop strategies and natural way of life to achieve your highest health potential and prevent the negative consequences. We appreciate the natural self-healing capabilities of the body and aim to educate our clients so that they can apply these principles in their lives and teach others to live better.

We use the most innovative and effective approaches to the common and urgent problems of the modern lifestyle, such as weight loss (nutritionist Krivoy Rog), chronic fatigue and low energy, anxiety and depression, sports nutrition (nutritionist) and efficiency in all aspects of life.

Our initial program includes:

Analysis of Power System
Comprehensive assessment of lifestyle
Evaluation of metabolism
The composite body analysis
Assessment of actual age

The SPA-Studio «Mae" we are interested in identifying the underlying causes of your health problems. Our integrated approach allows us to identify the reasons that violate the balance in your body and why your metabolism does not work as far as possible. Once we look at your individual weight of the composite analyzes and other tests, you will receive individual nutrition programs, exercise, and lifestyle, to restore balance in your body and improve metabolism. This will allow you to achieve health and productivity in all areas of life.

If you are ready and feel the desire to change your life and achieve health, call and sign up for a consultation with our dietician. We will gladly answer any of your questions and help you on your way, so you can look great and feel your best!

The cost of our services:

1. The composite (bioimpedance) Body analysis - 150 UAH.

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