Epilation on a schedule

Girls, think about the question - how much attention do you pay to your hormones? Do you communicate with them "you" or are you still on "you"? After all, it is extremely important to make friends with them so that you help each other to receive from life small pleasures. To massage gave you pleasure and not a headache, and that the hair removal stopped causing fear and would pass gently and comfortably.

It is necessary:

- Write down the phases of your menstrual cycle.
- Do all your cosmetology procedures on schedule (after all, a set of indicated and contraindicated procedures corresponds to a certain phase).

Let's talk about phases in details.

Menstruation (duration 4-6 days). The concentration of the main "female" hormones of progesterone and estrogen decreases. This enhances the action of the sebaceous and sweat glands. The exchange of substances, on the contrary, slows down, and the skin becomes more sensitive. There may appear rashes.
- Training in the gym, diet - to no avail.
- "Hot" procedures (especially sauna, solarium, wrap, massage).
- Painful procedures (epilation, eyebrow correction, peeling, mesotherapy, mechanical cleaning of the face) - the pain threshold is lowered.
- It is better not to paint eyebrows, hair and do not do a perm - the result will not last long.

- Meditation.
- Aromatherapy.

Preovulatory phase (duration up to 10 days). The level of testosterone that answers in the female body for qualities that we call masculine is growing: an acute mind, a broad outlook, the ability to concentrate attention. And most importantly, the amount of estrogen, the main hormone of beauty and femininity, is increasing. And this means that your skin, hair, nails and body will be as susceptible to various cosmetic procedures as possible. After epilation, conducted these days, the skin will be smooth and tender longer than usual.

- There are no contraindications, except individual.
- It is not desirable only mechanical cleaning of the face - inflammation can occur.

- Fat-burning and anti-cellulite procedures - at this time, we try to accumulate fat and it is better to get rid of it quickly.
- To any cosmetic procedures - pain sensitivity decreases, and the effect you notice immediately!
- Haircuts and staining - the hair will grow better and the paint will lie more evenly.

Ovulation (duration 3 days). These days the level of hormones in the body is maximal and the skin becomes especially sensitive.

- Refuse he new cosmetic procedures - the skin can respond to them by irritation, inflammation or allergies.

- New cosmetics for daily skin care to check its tolerability.
- To drink more water, giving the skin moisture, there are more fruits and vegetables.

Postovulatory phase (duration 7 days). The hormone progesterone - the main hormone of pregnancy begins to be developed. The metabolism decreases, the body accumulates fluid. Increases appetite, weight gain is faster. As a result of complex hormonal processes, the body requires sweetness and postpones it "in reserve" in the form of fat. The fat content of the skin grows and its susceptibility to ultraviolet light increases.

- Solarium and sunbathing.
- Any procedures that damage the skin.
- Injections.

- Procedures aimed at removing excess fluid from the body and removing edema (lymph drainage massage, tonic cold wraps, etc.).
- Cleansing and moisturizing the skin.

Premenstrual phase (duration 3-5 days). This is without exaggeration, the most unpleasant phase. The level of hormones drops sharply and the mood becomes changeable, and the skin - capricious and sensitive.

- Serious cosmetic procedures
- Injections.
- New cosmetics - allergy is possible.

- Relaxing procedures, massage.
- Hydrotherapy.
- Aromatherapy.

And remember that in SPA-Studio Mei you can come any day of your menstrual cycle. Depending on your preferences and mood, our specialists will select for you a cosmetic or SPA procedure and you are guaranteed to get positive emotions and an excellent result. A cup of our special tea with mountain flowers and pieces of fruit will be a perfect addition to your visit to May - a world of beauty and relaxation


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